The White Forces Revealed

It will be good for you to now learn just what takes place and how the White Forces do their work. Perhaps you have been wondering about the origin of the White Forces, their work in general, their work for mankind and why some White Forces became dark forces of evil back in the beginning, long before the human race ever existed.


In your everyday work (and even your leisure) you are presented with many opportunities to influence those around you for good. For those who look up to you, there is an opening for you to teach the truths which you have learned through this vehicle (i.e. the Interspace Link newsletter R.H.) . Remember to exercise good judgement. WORK FOR GOOD SECRETLY. Look to the Creator to reveal certain things to you regarding your circumstances. Be on your guard so that the evil forces do not “get to you.”


Keeping yourself busy accomplishing constructive things during every waking hour will help to keep you from becoming discouraged and lonely. Remember the old saying: “The darker the night, the brighter the day.” Soon a delightful change will begin to take place. You will enjoy an elevated mental attitude.

Remember that the physical body is not the REAL you. The REAL you is your Spirit. In the higher world, all is vibration and these must be nearly equal if they are to contact each other. It is impossible for those of lower vibrations to raise theirs (except by gradually expanding Spiritually into LIFE) but it is possible for those of higher vibrations to lower theirs sufficiently to synchronize with those of a being on a lower vibration. Flesh forms are very real in the physical world, just as spirit forms are very real in the metaphysical, super-physical or Spirit world. When you sleep, your spirit, the REAL you, passes out of your physical body so that the subconscious mind can repair the physical body without interference from the conscious mind. It is for this reason that the White Forces work with you at night. Remember that the subconscious mind always remains with the physical body until death and keeps it functioning.

The human race has already entered the outer circle of life. It was required that they know something of the Higher World and also of things to come here on Earth. When this information is widely given to the human family, it will, quite naturally, cause the black forces of evil to lose their grip on people. This is the one thing that the evil ones can’t afford to lose. For as this begins to happen, their days are truly numbered.

Certain individuals were chosen by Almighty God to be contacted by the White Forces and be given certain information to pass along to others so that humanity can be on guard. The evil ones were aware of this plan and have many times tried to eliminate these chosen ones. You must take great care in protecting yourself until the message of truth is delivered.


Have you ever “tried” to go to sleep so that you could get on with the business of “learning” only to find yourself unable to relax enough to sleep??? Remember that this too is the work of the black forces attempting to keep you from your appointment with life. Relax from head to foot and stay relaxed. Don’t try to quiet the mind, but watch, as disinterestedly as possible, what your mind is thinking about or picturing. Keep your attention on the relaxed parts of the body and soon you will be asleep. Put forth a quieting affect on your brain and body. Take yourself in hand and keep yourself available to walk hand in hand with the White Forces.

The GREAT WORK of the White Forces is to neutralize the influence of the evil ones so a human being, whether mass-minded or individual, can always do what he desires without outside interference or influence. Man does have a free will. The White Forces neutralize the ignorance and darkness in which the forces of evil have shrouded the human race. The dark ones will make every effort to keep humans shackled. This they are trying to accomplish even today by trying to convince people that there is no such thing as evil beings, that they don’t exist, it’s in your mind and there is no God. Your Bible has warned that even the elect shall be fooled. This is one reason for the importance of balanced living and the necessity of understanding the origin of good and evil.

The White Forces will continue to remind even the mass-minded of the existence of two great unseen forces dealing directly with mankind. Evil forces can actually materialize and will even perform great works. Many will be fooled by these “performances.” People will think they are actually from The Creator. It is necessary for you to KNOW the origin of good and evil and to impart these facts to others.

The innumerable hosts of Angels were nothing but good. They could not be otherwise. They were created with brilliant minds and highly developed intellects. But they functioned automatically in response to the direction of their Creator. There was not an evil one among them. The unformed universe was filled with God and His own Creation...Angelic beings. Suddenly there was a priceless possession given to each Angel...FREE WILL. Each one became an INDIVIDUAL, able to decide for themselves if they would travel the UPWARD or DOWNWARD path. Two-thirds of them chose the upward path and one-third chose the downward path. From that moment to this present day, angels on the upward path are known as White Forces because they are traveling toward greater LIGHT. The angels on the downward path are known as the black forces going to great darkness.


The physical universe...sun, moon, stars, your Earth. The angels assisted in the work of The Creator.


This was the final This will be discussed later.


There are many orders of Angels including Archangels, the Cherubim and the Seraphim. The Cherubim are angels of LIGHT. The Seraphim are Angels of LOVE. Love is the greatest thing in the world. But Light—Reason, Will and Judgement and Intellect—must rule because Love is not endowed (whether angel or man) with these. Love without reason is foolish. Reason without Love is hard and cruel. With a perfect blending of “head and heart”— Light and Love— the UNION is the most wonderful thing in all of Creation.

The Angels who fell with Lucifer began to take on a nature just the opposite of the one they formerly possessed. Love was now sent out in wave after wave of blind hatred. They radiated lurid darkness.

The fallen angels were herded to your little planet Earth. It is the only place in the whole of creation that Lucifer and his followers can call home. Soon it will be nothing more than a prison to them. That is why they are making such an effort to capture the hearts of as many humans as possible. It will delay their final imprisonment just a little longer.

Your instructors are Angels dispatched by your Heavenly Creator. A GREAT CHANGE IS TAKING PLACE RIGHT NOW. Human beings are being individualized through the efforts of certain groups of Angels. These instructions can then be passed along to others like yourself. Make every attempt to rid yourself of all the negative emotions which open the door to the forces of evil. Remember to protect yourself with the Blue Ring of Fire. Test the Spirits and remember that evil parades as an angel of light in order to fool you into submission.

This is why Angels who have the destiny of the human race in their charge do not very often contact directly the humans in their care. It is a matter of vibration. An angel, in order to instruct a human in the physical, would have to lower his vibration to such an extent that the Angel would almost lose consciousness himself and be in no condition to give instructions. You have most likely heard stories of people fainting at the mere presence of Angelic beings (when they became aware that Angels were present).

Contact has been made and continues to be made to this day when a human being has a very high Spiritual vibration and the Angel was successful in lowering his. These humans are not too numerous. But remember that instruction still takes place in the Spirit realm, especially as you sleep.

Instructions never require a great deal of time. At the proper moment, the Angel will appear, deliver instruction in a friendly, unhurried manner and then depart. Did you believe it when your Bible warned you “lest you entertain Angels unawares?”

Things don’t just happen throughout the Earth and the material universe. All is under the control of Divine INTELLIGENCE. All the Angels of The Creator are busily engaged in constructive activity to which they are assigned. Yes, Angelic beings have a definite sense of humor. Angels are the very essence of love, joy and happiness. If you are to expand your Spiritual department, you must learn to be serious and joyous at the same time.

You may wonder the age of angels. Try to understand that before the creation of worlds as you know them, before the creation of man on Earth, Angels were. Time as you know it does not exist among the White Forces.

Angels are clothed in Light and never age. They are able to transport themselves through thought if they so desire. Those who are on your planet, however, must “blend in” with other humans and so you will see them in every walk of life, doing the same things that you humans do every day. The workers for good are holding the evil ones at bay so that as many people as possible can go forward into INDIVIDUALITY.

Man is forever trying to lift himself up “by his own bootstraps.” THIS SIMPLY CANNOT BE DONE! The black forces continue to try to teach falsehoods, especially that evil does not exist. They play cat and mouse with your mind hoping to confuse and fool you into submission to their ways. Their purpose is selfish. They do it for evil gain and when they succeed, the human race loses something of great value.

Humans who have become INDIVIDUALS on the upward path are working WITH DESTINY. To become an INDIVIDUAL one must develop ALL FIVE DEPARTMENTS OF LIFE (please see the section “The 5-pointed Star of Life” R. H.) . Those who respond to the present day conflicts of your world by EXPANDING SPIRITUALLY will be guided by the White Forces into INDIVIDUALITY. You of this Spacelink Family are well on your way up this path.

Nothing makes the evil ones more furious than to realize they too are being used by the White Forces to give mankind a free will choice. When the last human being, of his own free will, has make his decision to choose the upward or downward path, the forces of evil will be forever chained. There is no middle ground. You are either on the upward or the downward path.

Knowledge and wisdom abound on your planet. Go out and find it. And when you do, don’t keep it to yourself. Give it to others. We are in constant prayer for you all. Keep yourself protected at all times. I leave you now with my thoughts of love.

Commander Valiant Thor

This article written by Commander Valiant Thor is taken from a past issue of the monthly newsletter entitled The Interspace Link. You are invited to share this information with others, but kindly acknowledge copyright and keep this article intact. Thank you.

Dr. Frank E. Stranges, NICUFO


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