Where Will You Go From Here?

You have heard the lessons that have been presented today. During the break, you have had some time to digest what you have heard. In addition, you should have taken the time to put yourself in a state of mind, a state of being, where you would hear and know the truth as it crossed your thinking.

What will be your next step after you leave this meeting? Will you take time for yourself and determine whether or not you are on the proper pathway to fulfill your personal destiny? Have you found the answer to the question — what is my true destiny?

If you are able to answer these questions honestly, you are considered among the lucky few who have heard the trumpet call and have risen to answer its command for you in your life. It is said that many are called and few are chosen. If you consider this question in the light of your five departments of life, (i.e. the Five-pointed Star of Life) the fog may lift and you may then be able to see more clearly what your true Divine mission is on this planet.

I would like to caution you about one thing. If you have a family, the Divine mission for which you are here on Earth will always include immediate family members in some way. The only exception to this is if a rift has taken place that is so large that this cavernous abyss can never be closed. This is not something that happens overnight, but over a period of time. Even Our Lord advised his own followers that they would encounter their worst rejection from those in their own home towns. He further advised them to shake the dirt off their sandals, and leave there without hesitation.

Do not be among those who continue to cast your pearls before swine. As you learn from the missteps you will surely make, be aware that continuing to allow your head to beat against the same wall will not accomplish anything for the goodness of your own life and that others.

Again I ask, “Where will you go from here?”



Ask yourself the following questions:

A. What do I want for and in my future?
B. What do I want... exactly?
C. What are my greatest desires in life?

At your first opportunity cut yourself completely off from the outside world. Then carefully and prayerfully make a list of the things you wish to acquire in this life. Do not limit yourself in any way. Write down, point by point, those particular things you wish to acquire, the things which you believe will make you happy. Include in your list your wishes and dreams and see them coming true. In your list, you must include things which you may deem as utterly impossible. I repeat, do not limit yourself as you compose your list.

Connect your human mind with the Mind of Almighty God and think. Think very carefully. When you feel that Divine connection, then, and only then begin to write. Write carefully and seriously. If this plan sounds foolish to you, please do not waste your time or the time of Almighty God. This plan has been carefully designed ONLY for those of you who are extremely serious and willing to fulfill this Divine plan for your life.


There must exist a true and valid reason why you wish to acquire these things. What is the reason that you feel you must possess these blessings? Have a serious talk with yourself as you proceed and if you can, speak out loud to yourself and tell yourself how your life will be enriched by you possessing the things you desire.

Do you feel that your influence over others will result from acquiring these possessions? Do you feel that these items will make you a better person? Are you ready to reach out and receive those items which you have listed? Have you cleared your mind of every doubt and fear? If not, you better start over again from the beginning of this lesson. While you were making your list, did you feel that you were still inadequate to receive these things which you have requested? Did you feel that you were unworthy to receive what you have requested? If so, again, I repeat, you should start this exercise again.


Now that you have successfully completed your list, think in terms of “Faith.” Go through your list item by item. It does not matter how long your list might be. Be mindful that your own pure mind is still firmly linked with the Perfect Mind of Almighty God. Your thinking processes have now taken on a new and wonderful dimension. Think like the Creator. Allow the perfect strains of your faith to suddenly become active. Begin to see, to actually view those things on your list, point by point. Fix your mind’ s eye on those particular things that you desire. Picture them as you would like to see them in full color and full reality. By exercising your faith, you will begin to actually see pictures in your mind of the things you have written. You will find a new expression of living faith whelming up within the recesses of your heart. Your mind will be quickened by that Holy Spirit of God.


This new light will assume the colors of gold, blue and white. You will also see colors such as purple and silver. There will appear no dark colors or hues in this most amazing experience. Some of you will note these lights immediately. However, others of you will see these amazing colors over a short period of time. Some of you sitting here today have already viewed these wonderful colors and hues in your Spiritual experiences. I believe that the majority of you will witness this experience for the first time. Do not be surprised if you witness more than one of these fabulous, brilliant colors at the same time.


A NUMBER OF YOU will witness what is called MATERIALIZATION. In other words, you will actually witnessed miraculous things taking place before your eyes. This has occurred many times throughout human history. The sages of the far and middle East have witnessed such demonstrations of Divine association between man and God. Many of the prophets of old were privy to such miraculous events. When skeptics saw such events taking place, they were suddenly convinced of the power of Almighty God being demonstrated in the lives of His people. You my friends who are sitting here today, along with others who will hear these CDs and read the Proceedings, will all be able to attest to the wondrous works that Almighty God is performing for those who love Him and keep His Word.


Those of you who plan to follow these important steps are advised NOT to limit your requests. The Word of the Living God advises us to, “Ask largely that your joy may be full...” When Almighty God tells you that your joy will be FULL He does not mean in half measures.

We are now living in a time when there are tremendous shortages in the world. We are asked, even by governments, to cut back and be conservative. What I am telling you is that the WORLD IS THE LIMIT. Asked for greater things to occur in your life. I am requesting that you cut loose your faith in God and actually live in a state of EXPECTANCY. Expect these wonderful blessings to come your way without human limitation or mere human understanding. At this very moment, believe with your whole heart, mind, spirit, body and soul that those things for which you have asked are actually meant for you and for you alone. In other words, what I am conveying to you is that they are exclusively yours.


Now that you have heard the essence of this lesson, what do you expect to do about it? How far will you permit your own faith to travel? Do you believe in an Eternal God who is ready, willing and able to answer your prayers? Are you prepared to assume a brand-new way of life – that is, a life for the better? If you are, I assure you that God will never go back on His Word. Prepare yourself, beginning today, to expect and receive multiple blessings which will most certainly come from His Divine Hands. They are hands of Love, hands of Life and hands of Divine and Material Blessings for you and for your loved ones, forever. May the richest blessings of Almighty God rest upon you as you study this important lesson.

The lesson presented here is from a past seminar of the Inner Circle.

You are invited to share this information with others, but kindly acknowledge copyright and keep this article intact.

Dr. Frank E. Stranges, NICUFO


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