A Journey to Venus (Stella)

A spacecraft named Victor One is made ready for a journey through space. The people on board look forward to a visit to their home planet. The visitors also look forward with great anticipation to the trip. The Commander gives the word. Vice Commander Teel has already programmed the onboard computer with the proper calculations that will transport everyone to the planet Venus. Many sides of Victor One are suddenly transparent as people are seated comfortably observing the events that follow. The ship rises slowly at first, and heads for the blue sky above leaving Lake Mead disappearing from sight far below. Of course, this represents a nightmare to any United States Air Force pilots who might be cruising in the area at that time. A nightmare would result and a decision must be made whether to be bogged down with reports which must be filed, should they elect to report this sighting. Or, should they simply totally ignore the sighting and go on their way wondering in their own minds as to the reality of the craft from another world?


As Victor One picks up speed, the pilot, who is operating the controls with his mind, maintains a precise course for the distant planet. The truth is that his mind must remain on piloting the ship. To allow anything else to enter his mind would indeed throw the ship completely off course. The journey is rather brief as the ship travels through the darkness. The stars in the vast distance testify of the wonder of it all. One could elect to view vast distances through the onboard equipment designed for that specific purpose. Communication is established with the planet as the ship draws closer to the opening in the northern portion of Venus. It then plunges downward through the deadly methane gases surrounding Venus. The temperatures have been calculated to be over 800F. Victor One dives through the opening with no difficulty.


Upon landing, Victor One is made secure. Coming down the ramp, all smiles, is the Commander followed by his officers and visitors. Warm greetings are expressed and accompanied by hugs and kisses. It is almost like a homecoming event. Everyone is happy and joyous. The temperature is about 72. The Central Son is shielded by a protective covering, which prevents severe exposure. The buildings are lighted with multiple colors. Vehicles small and large are cruising through the air. They are surrounded by a medium force field that prevents them from colliding against each other. We are invited to a special meeting followed by a banquet. Needless to say, our friends from space — especially Vice Commander Donn — have a healthy appetite. We sit comfortably at a large round table and are waited upon by young men and women who have requested this privilege to serve the Commander and his friends. The table is colorfully decorated with beautiful flowers, some of which turned color when touched by human hands. It appears that much planning was exercised in making our visit, one to be long remembered.


The buildings consist of offices as well as dwelling places. The parliament buildings are completely surrounded by fountains of colorful water. There are also a number of waterfalls that dot the area. The tallest building, is the Government Seat where the Council of Twelve rules with Love and Peace. Waterfalls and many colorful fountains also surround it. Not too many vehicles are parked in the area, only those that are marked by the official seal of the Government. We enjoy the pleasure of meeting the various members of the Council of which Commander Valiant Thor is a member.

The Supreme Head of the Council is dressed in a robe bearing the colors of Gold and Purple with a bit of Red and White. It is truly a sight to behold. The remaining members of the Council also appear in full dress colors celebrating our visit. The other buildings, which are dwelling places, represent a series of apartments. Another section of the City is dotted with beautiful two and three-bedroom homes. A body of reflective water touches almost all of them.

The Commander’s house is appointed with a lake directly in front with a small stream running along two sides of his home. The rear of the home is equipped with a fireplace and beautiful garden area in which is found a medium-size Meditation Garden. This is one of the most famous resting spots appreciated especially by Dr. Lee. Dog also takes great delight in this particular area of the house.


Inasmuch as the Venusians only require about one or two hours sleep per twenty four hours, they have much time for relaxation, sports, companionship with neighbors, and of course, shopping. Whenever a special meeting is called, they all attend expecting wonderful information to be shared with them. Their work consists of a few hours either spent at their respective offices or else in other Government activities. There are no police or fire departments required. They teach and train their children at home. There are times, however, when the central education office will broadcast into the homes with special lessons for children of all ages.

Those in charge of government offices are occupied with certain responsibilities, which often include the participation and cooperation of their families. They all enjoy such activities as concerts, picnics, lectures (from visitors as well as their own people), movies, etc. The fauna and flora of the planet testify of the greatness and colorful imagination of the Divine Creator. The colors of the plants and flowers along with the many waterways are deep and rich, also warm and inviting. This is one planet that has been truly blessed in every manner of the word.


Following several meetings with the Council of Twelve, the Commander has issued the word that we must return to our home planet. Of course, this is most difficult to do. However, we all have loved ones, along with responsibilities that must be attended to on Earth. With the knowledge of the possibility of a return trip, we reluctantly return to Victor One for the journey home following another series of warm hugs and kisses. Upon boarding the craft, we look back at the smiling faces of the Venusians knowing full well that this visit will not soon be forgotten. We assume our seats, relax and return home. Victor One rises through the narrow passageway at the top of the planet and we head for home. I do hope and pray that you had enjoyed his brief trip to the planet Venus. Your comments are always welcome.

The article presented here is from a past issue of the monthly newsletter entitled The Interspace Link.

You are invited to share this information with others, but kindly acknowledge copyright and keep this article intact.

Dr. Frank E. Stranges, NICUFO


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