A Revelation of the Various Races Throughout the Universe

At this time, I wish to acquaint you with the various skin colors of those who occupy both this planet Earth as well as in and on other planets in the entire Universe. Please bear in mind that the Universe continues to expand, even as I speak. The Universe is very large in scope and no man has ever completely understood or fathomed the scope of the Mysteries of the Universe. At the very beginning of time itself, Almighty God simply spoke Universe into existence. He then proceeded to populate these various planets after His own Divine fashion. Theologians today on the Earth do not yet understand or agree with many others on Earth regarding the correct interpretations of Universal Life. Scientists continue to ponder the question regarding how in the world can the Universe come from absolutely nothing? Their feeble minds will continue to hurt them until they fully comprehend that Almighty God and His creation did not depend on the theories or feeble calculations of mankind. Many of them continue to hold on to the “Big Bang” theory. However, they are totally unable to answer the question, “who or what caused the Big Bang?”


To begin, the people of the mass Universe appear in every color imaginable. In this particular solar system, their skin color largely depends on how far they live from the Sun. Inside of the Earth I have enjoyed the pleasure of meeting a number of them both and on the Star Ship, as well as on Victor One. Please permit me to describe them. They appear as follows:

1- white as a sheet of paper. These are men and women who originate from planets which are very distant from the Sun. I have seen them on another planet as well as in our Earth. The first time I met them was aboard Victor One many years ago.

2- Pink, as many of us appear. These people, both men and women, live on the surface as well is in the interior of planet Earth. They look like most of us on the surface. They also dwell inside of the Domed Cities.

3- Dark Brown. These men and women occupy the interior of Venus as well as many other planets in our system and on toward the Rim of the Universe. I have also seen a small number of them on the Star Ship. Of course, please understand that the Star Ship is populated with a contingent of all of these colors mentioned.

4- Ebony black. The Ebony black people occupy the Star Ship as well as Victor One. As a matter of fact, they also occupy all of the other Victor Class ships around our globe. They are a very warm and gregarious people. They want to give of themselves in service to Almighty God and to many others of the solar system.

5- Red skinned. These people resemble the Indian races on Earth. They also occupy the interior as well as the Domed cities. While living in Minnesota, I was privileged to have a number of Indian families as Church members. We often sat in the quiet of the evening looking into the night skies. They related to me many accounts of their ancestor’s beliefs that the Indian race originated from other worlds. They also related many accounts of aerial sightings of UFOs. They called them “Sky Boats.”

6- Yellow skinned people. Dr. Lee is the expert on the yellow skinned people. He contends that they also could have originated on other planets prior to coming here to planet Earth. These people also reside on the inner planes of Earth, in the Domed cities as well as in the interior of many planets in our own solar system. They have a large community residing on the Star Ship.

7- Black and white striped (like a zebra). These people hardly ever visit the surface of Earth. They dwell in many of the planets of our system as well is on the Star Ship. They are unique in every way. Plus, they are very, very musical. They love to sing and play musical instruments. Their children are also very gifted in this department.

8- Speckled people. This again is a rather unique race of people whose bodies are completely covered with colorful speckles. They glisten in the sunlight of their various planets. I have personally seen a few of them on board Victor One, the Star Ship as well as in the interior of this planet. These people are known for their utter care for the well-being of others. They also speak every known language and dialect in the mass Universe. They are also very gifted artists.

9- Rainbow colored. These particular people look like the colors of the rainbow. Most of them claim to have originated immediately following the Great Flood of Noah. They have maintained the highest of Spiritual powers since the days of the great flood. They have migrated throughout Asia and Europe. However, at a point in time, (according to them) during the last days of Jesus Christ on Earth, they were invited and elected to travel to other worlds. To this day, only ten percent of their entire population still resides on and in the planet Earth. Others have traveled to many planets, far distant from Earth. They are a deeply religious people who have never had the slightest desire to associate with too many people of Earth.


Here you have heard a brief description of the Nine major races of people (human beings) who inhabit the Earth, Inner Earth, the Domed Cities and foreign planets. They are all humanoid in appearance and all have been created in the image of Almighty God. These people represent the words of the Master, Jesus Christ when he said. “Other sheep (adherents or followers) have I that are not of this fold.” The word “fold” is interpreted as the word “Earth.” (OR PLANET). He also refers to them as those who inhabit “My Fathers House.” These words will certainly come as a complete shock to those on Earth who feel their race is the only one that will inherit the Kingdom of Almighty God. This means that every race, every kindred, every color, every size, every shape and color will inherit the Kingdom of Almighty God. This also means that when that time should arise that Almighty God brings down the final curtain on human affairs on Earth, the Kingdom Dispensation will begin and everyone mentioned above (including you) will place their feet under the tremendous table of God. This is the supper table, which will be arranged for by Jesus Christ Himself. This will mean the end of all Earthly trials, tribulations, sickness, disease and all other human limitations. Like Adam and Eve and the Angels, along with those from space, you will be able to fly through the air, passed through solids and experience absolutely no human limitations whatsoever. Are you ready for this to take place in your lifetime??

The lesson presented here is from a past seminar of the Inner Circle.

You are invited to share this information with others, but kindly acknowledge copyright and keep this article intact.

Dr. Frank E. Stranges, NICUFO


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