The Science of Commander Valiant Thor and His People

Those of Victor One, along with Victor One itself possesses the ability to materialize as well as dematerialize at will. During this condition, they are capable of traveling through space and time.

The late Professor Herrman Oberth, teacher and master of the late Wernher Von Braun, often stated this at a UFO convention at which I was also a speaker in Mainz, West Germany many years ago. He believed that space persons possessed abilities and gifts far beyond those of mortal men.

According to Uniah, (a created being R. H.) this behavior is due to the variations in the intensity of the temporal field. It is crucial for you to fully understand that such spacecraft does not had any propulsion in that classic sense of the term. Once the orientation is stabilized and the initial impulsion of motion is made, the increase in the intensity of the temporal field seemingly reduces the size of the universe in which they travel. It is a pure fact that it is actually the destination that approaches the craft. If this proves to boggle your mind, we will attempt to explain and throw more light on this phase at a later time.

Bear in mind that Vice Commander Teel is the one responsible for triangulating the stars and charting the correct course they are to travel. This, before Victor One ever leaves the shores of Lake Mead, Nevada.

When you personally visit the Ship, you will be utterly amazed to see the few controls which govern the function of Victor One. You will also observe that the pilot of Victor One wears a head gear with which their mind operates the ship. Further, the Ship is not heavily laden with flashing lights and knobs, and visible controls.

Vice Commander Teel is the one responsible for feeding into the Ship’s computer, information regarding YOU before you arrive on board. In this manner, the Ship’s computer knows your size along with your dietary likes and dislikes, etc, etc.

This special examination of the science of the Commander and his people can be understood as follows. We invade space through the means of nuclear devices. When the core of an atom is disrupted (broken), it automatically expands the time quanta, which normally remains below the scale of “quarks”. At this particular scale, which remains the question of the one of the quantum vacuum, exist many from outer space, especially when the ships are rendered invisible. It is not a matter of nuclear physics; it is a matter of real space-time nature, well beyond the old and incomplete knowledge and understanding of men of science such as Einstein.


If you will recall in my book Stranger at the Pentagon, the Commander, during his three years at the Pentagon, displayed many of his powers and abilities to President Dwight Eisenhower, Vice President Richard Nixon along with members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Also to a few ungodly individuals who were hell-bent to destroy him.

He dematerialized from the Pentagon, and then materialized in the back yard of Howard Menger, who was conducting a UFO Seminar, many miles away in High Bridge, New Jersey. He was also joined by Vice Commander Donn and a few others from Victor One.

However, while at the Pentagon, the medics failed to penetrate his skin while attempting to draw blood from the Commander. The needle broke several times. Also, in a vain effort to extract certain information from the Commander, regarding advanced weaponry, he was severely beaten at the hands of certain Air Force Hot Shots. Commander Val fell to the floor and dematerialized before their unbelieving eyes. Of course, they had a very difficult time describing the incident to their respective superiors.


Further evidence of his powers occurred while he was being escorted by Air it Force armed guards through one of the corridors. They passed by another Air Force Officer coming from the opposite direction. He then stopped, turned around, called this other Officer by name, laid his hands on the surprised officer’s stomach, raised his eyes to the ceiling and prayed a brief prayer. This was an Air Force pilot who was grounded because of a severe case of stomach ulcers. In brief, this officer was completely healed on the spot. Many years later, this same officer, then retired, appeared along with his wife at one of my UFO Conferences at a Church in Southern California. He stepped forward, identified himself and then related to everyone present how the Commander laid hands on him only to completely heal him of stomach ulcers. The Officer testified he had not suffered from that day forward.

This article written by Dr. Frank E. Stranges is taken from a past issue of the monthly newsletter entitled The Interspace Link. You are invited to share this information with others, but kindly acknowledge copyright and keep this article intact. Thank you.

Dr. Frank E. Stranges, NICUFO


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