The Watchers

Did you ever have the feeling that you are being watched? Did you ever feel that someone, unknown to you, is watching your every move? Had you ever wondered just who is involved in this “watching?” If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are absolutely correct. In fact, there is more than one single group that is watching and observing every move that you make. I will categorize these watchers into the following three groups.


Since the beginning of man’s journey on the Earth members of the dark (evil) forces have kept constant tabs on the everyday affairs of mankind. They have monitored the daily life of many human beings as to their comings and their goings. There is a reason for this. They are attempting to trip you up in every form, way, manner and shape they can. You see, because of your position in the eyes of Almighty God, you are a special breed in His Divine creation.


The mastermind behind the watchers is Lucifer. Now Lucifer has been a special trickster from the very beginning. It started when he and one third of his angels were thrown out of the heavens. This continued into the Garden of Eden. He was the one responsible for deceiving both Adam and Eve. He is the master deceiver of all times. His special agents do not rest. Their mission is to make you miserable at all costs. He is determined to be the cause of your ultimate destruction. He and his evil forces are responsible for everything that is wrong on this planet. Thank God his powers are confined ONLY to the planet Earth. The rest of the Universe is clear and clean of his powers. The massive universe contains many life forms of which few human beings have knowledge. However, the Earth is still struggling under his powerful influence. Keep in mind that Lucifer is no fool. He is tactful and well experienced in his field of mass deception and trickery. He has managed to deceive many world leaders into believing great lies. He is a master of all lies. Those who speak lies on Earth have opened themselves up to the power and influence of Lucifer.

Other assorted special agents — Man in Black and Women in Black

The dark forces include special agents who have been thoroughly trained in schools by Lucifer himself.. These are those who are called “Man in Black.” This is not altogether true because there are also “Women in Black.” Believe it or not there are also certain animals who are trained by evil forces to carry out acts of willing and wanton murder. I am writing this article because I want you all to be warned and aware of the times in which we are presently living.

Man in Black have often been associated with certain types of flying saucers. The UFOs in question are shaped like “”BEE HIVES.” If you are ever accosted by one of these, or if you see one of these landed or hovering above you, take cover in immediately as you pronounce the “Ring of Fire” around you without delay.

I was personally accosted by Men in Black many years ago. Believe me when I state it is certainly NOT a very pleasant experience. Once you have encountered such evil “people,” you will never forget this unfortunate episode. I thank God we are protected by those who have been divinely commissioned to watch over us. More on that can be found later on in this article. That men and women in black are so called because they are always attired in black garments including black hats. The women in black act without mercy and are also determined to destroy you with impunity. I want you to become keenly aware that inasmuch as we are living in the last days, every effort on their part will be multiplied because of this awesome fact. The men and women in black have been responsible for many, many accidents both in the home as well as on the highways. This also includes mishaps by air. Make no mistake. We are in a constant warfare against these black forces who are surrounding this planet and are acting on a daily basis to get rid of you.


Members of various intelligence agencies throughout the world are also watching you. In the event that you have ever spoken against the government, you are automatically on a special list, which is then transmitted to other governments of this world.. Some may think that this is not possible. Do not be deceived. Because of the manner in which information can be transmitted to date, this is not only possible, but also probable. If you have ever raised objections to the manner in which our own government is run, either in private conversation, by telephone or by any other electronic transmission, you may rest assured that you have made that special list. It behooves you, as a member of this organization, to be very careful of your conversations. Do not be among those who spout off about things of which you are not familiar. Be careful and aware at all times.. If you value your life, you will pay heed to my warnings. Do not take this too lightly because we are dealing with ultra-important matters.

Do not be caught in any of these traps because if you do, you will not last too long on this planet. Be wise and guard your thoughts as well as your tongue. At times, you will find it wise to keep your opinions to yourself. Seek the truth of all matters and maintain the “Secret of Silence” for your life’s sake. At the same time, Spirit will reveal to you when to speak and when to remain silent.

If you were in attendance at the INNER CIRCLE meeting #22 in June, you were privy to such information which would indeed prepare you for the upcoming events that are destined to shape your own destiny in years to come. You would have heard about certain elements of Universal truths that would greatly assist you in your own powers of self discipline as well as self-governance. In other words, guarding your self against the evil powers of unscrupulous agents of secret government is very essential in these days of time as well as in days to come.

You, my dear friends, are being watched every day that you live on this planet. The reality is that there are Angels who are responsible for reporting your every move, especially if you are among those who have failed to fall into line with the erroneous way of thinking. If you are a free thinker, and doer of the Word of the Living God, you are thereby marked and every one of your activities is being watched.

The positive element is that you are one of those who have been eternally blessed by Almighty God, and you are doing exactly what The Master wishes you to do and say. Your life is truly an example for many others to follow. You have learned of the correct pathway and you are willing and able to lead many others in that lighted pathway of truth, love and light.


There exists in the Holy Writings many, many references regarding the true facts directly pertaining to the manner in which the Lord Himself has provided you with a shield and a protective cover.. You are overshadowed by the mighty wings of. His Divine Angels who have been entrusted with the responsibility of watching over you at all times. Inasmuch as we are all living in troublesome times, this shelter of His Divine Spirit is essential to your well-being.

Protecting - Guardian Angels

There is no question whatsoever that His Angels have been granted charge over you at all times. His Divine Angels are Heavenly messengers whose responsibility is not only to watch over you, but also to protect you at all times. You qualify for this attention because you have elected to call The Master your own. These Divine Angels fall into two categories. There are Guardian Angels and Ministering Angels. Every baby who is born on Earth is granted the privilege of having these two Angels immediately upon birth. These two classifications of Angels follow you throughout your entire journey on this planet Earth. It is my opinion that this year of 2003 will produce for a number of you, a physical manifestation whereby you will be gifted with the ability of not only seeing your Angels, but also conversing with them.

There is only one danger that prevails in this scenario.. There exists a danger that you might be prone to fall down and worship them if you actually see them. However, rest assured that they, your Angels, would NOT permit this to continue. They will offer you a mild rebuke in order to call you to your senses.

Ministering Angels are equally important, and as effective as your Guardian Angels. They will in fact seek to guard you against all harm and danger by directly speaking to your heart because you are the heirs of Almighty God and are therefore called “ His Children.” Ministering Angels are quite unique inasmuch as their mission is to watch over you constantly and seize upon every opportunity to tend to you in your hour of need. If you are living on a higher plane of Spiritual enlightenment, this will become an important event in your every day living. You will therefore become very attuned to their voice as you enjoy them instructing you at all times.. They will also assist you in making certain decisions in your life in order to prevent you from making the wrong choices.

The bottom line remains that you fully recognize the truth of your own respective Angels, and work with them in the manner in which the Almighty has appointed them to serve you. If you recognize this fact, you will be in an excellent position to live a most wonderful and fruitful life during your journey through life on planet Earth.

Heavenly Light Messengers

Commander Valiant Thor

There exist those beings of that, along with your personal Angels, have been dispatched from other worlds to assist you. Some have termed them as “space beings” from other worlds. Inasmuch no one alive can dictate to the Creator what He can or cannot do, He is in control of all of these beings (Angels) that have come to Earth by Divine Command. Such an excellent example of this is Commander Valiant Thor. He is on a special mission, not only to assist you but also many others on this planet including children. Acting under Divine Command, he and others of his crew follow instructions to the very letter.

They do not vary from one assignment to the other. They do not hesitate or waste time in any respect of the word. They know exactly whom they should contact and whom they should not. Many people have questioned me personally as to whom our friends would meet and why. It does not work this way. It is entirely up to them, and at their discretion, whom they will meet and why. It is certainly NOT up to me. We have actually had people leave this organization, because they felt they should meet the Commander and did not.

It is very unfortunate that this situation still prevails to this day. I have been offered huge sums of money by people wanting the privilege of meeting with the Commander.

Note: if this is the only reason that you are still one of our members, please do not be disillusioned any longer. The fact still remains that the Commander makes all of his own choices under the guidance and direction of Our Creator.

Their mission on Earth is to carry out the express will of the Creator. When He commands them to act, they act. If they are commanded to move from one location to another, they move without asking why. If they are commanded to meet with certain world leaders, they do so without question. Their timing is always of the essence.. Make no mistake. They do not and cannot act on their own. Every move they make is cleared by the Supreme Commander and Creator of the Universe.

These beings watch over you.They send a beam into your home, your car or other areas where you are as they monitor your every move. That is, if you are a member in good standing, a faithful member of this Organization. There have been times when they have personally and quickly intervened in situations that would have otherwise proven fatal.. You have no doubt read of such occurrences in my book Stranger at the Pentagon. I believe I have covered this subject in a manner that you all will be able to comprehend.

The article presented here is from a past issue of the monthly newsletter entitled The Interspace Link.

You are invited to share this information with others, but kindly acknowledge copyright and keep this article intact.

Written by Dr. Frank E. Stranges, NICUFO


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