The Rainbow Cities

Up to this time it has been stated that there is only one secret city. Recent information reveals that there is more than one city in space. There is one important rainbow city in a fixed orbit which is located not very far from a Starship, about one hundred miles above the Earth. There is a fleet of these ships which remain undetected because of the force fields which render each of them invisible to all human means of perception.

Over a period of time, a number of Earth citizens have been invited to visit one of the cities in space. It is also a fact that many who learned about the hollow earth begged for an opportunity for them to visit such a location.

It must be clearly understood that no one from Earth has ever seen or visited any of these most amazing places except by a personal invitation.


It is quite apparent that there are many curiosity seekers on this Earth. There are actually very few who have a legitimate reason for desiring such a visit. However, time will reveal just who is invited and who is not. The rainbow cities are unique in and of themselves.


The first rainbow city was created immediately following the great flood. If you will remember, Almighty God painted the sky with a series of rainbow colors vowing that He would never again destroy the planet Earth with floods of water. His rainbow in the sky represented His Divine promise to mankind. So the next time you see a rainbow in the sky, remind yourself of this miracle of The Creator.

He then established the first rainbow city which was populated by a number of Noah’s family. They maintained free access between the city and Earth.


Over a period of time, those born in the rainbow city took on positive characteristics of multi-colored skin. Today, in this 21st century, all of the citizens of the rainbow cities have developed this same skin tone. They often visit such places as Las Vegas, Nevada, New Orleans, Louisiana, Miami Beach, Florida and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, along with other areas where they celebrate Mardi Gras or Carnival. This, as you know, is the period of time just prior to “Lent” when people wear unusual costumes, have parades, and generally carry on fun and unusual events. By attending these functions, the inhabitants of the Rainbow Cities are not stared upon as being unusual.

Further, they are human in every respect of the word. Yet, they appear to be much further advanced, Spiritually, than people of Earth. All of them are in very close touch with The Creator and with others who inhabit the SIX other Rainbow Cities.


All of the Rainbow Cities are located in close proximity to Commander Val’s Starship. They each remain in orbit within the one-hundred-mile radius of the “City in the Sky.” The inhabitants closely resemble each other in appearance as well as Spiritual development. They are ALL descendants of Noah. In addition, they have constant interchange with the people in the Seven Secret Cities as well as Commander Val and his crew members.

The population of each city is approximately 300,000 people, including men, women, and children. Just like people of Earth, they are born, live and die. Of course, they are also known for their longevity, just as Noah was. In addition, animals exist with them and are sometimes a source of food for the people. This is the same situation which exists in many areas of the Earth, especially in Northern most regions of the world, where other forms of food cannot be grown. This is done on a very limited and as needed basis only, never for fun or sport. The weapons used to accomplish this are things we would consider crude. No guns exist in these cities. There is no crime. So there is no need for such equipment.

Life is like a paradise in these cities. Harmony abides in the hearts of all of the inhabitants. The hearts and minds of the people remain one with the heart and mind of The Creator. There are no wars, negativity or evil in the Rainbow Cities.

Young people are taught the Laws of the Universe by the wisest of all the population. The older children sometime teach the younger ones, especially at early ages. No one is considered “better” than anyone else, except for the elderly. Traditions are passed along from generation to generation. This is similar to the American Indian custom of the elders teaching the youngsters. Aged people are revered and held in high esteem, unlike Earth, where our old people are put into homes and sometimes forgotten by relatives and left to die alone.

The scenery is incredibly beautiful. There are mountains, streams, lakes, rivers, fish, flat lands, flowers of every kind and color, and open fields of breathtaking greenery. These are all the same things that we have on Earth, only they are even more beautiful than any place the mortal eye has ever seen. Colors exist there which cannot be imagined by the most creative human mind. If you watch a rainbow in the sky, the colors seem to dim with time. This is not so in the Rainbow Cities. The brilliant colors of the skin of these wonderful people remains constant throughout their lifetimes. It never changes, even with age.


The people of all the Rainbow Cities adore and give constant glory to The Creator. They know His Laws and abide by all of them, always. Sometimes, they are graced with a special visit from Jesus Christ. This occasion calls for a special celebration. Everyone participates in the preparations for this privileged event. The small children make their contribution by constructing gifts to present to the Master. If you recall in the Bible, Jesus said, “Let the children come to me...” In this quote, you can see the importance of youngest ones to The Master.

May God Bless and Inspire Your Hears Through The Lessons Which Have Been Presented To You Today!

The lesson presented here is from a past seminar of the Inner Circle.

You are invited to share this information with others, but kindly acknowledge copyright and keep this article intact.

Dr. Frank E. Stranges, NICUFO


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