Secrets from The Dead Sea Scrolls

I trust that by this time, you have reviewed my video tapes on the Mystery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. If you have not, I urge you to obtain a copy of the trilogy. In these tapes you will find secrets as well as revelations which were never released from any other source on Earth. You will learn information that will assist you in properly understanding what is going on in the world today. To gain this knowledge you must see and hear the tapes. We appear to be living on the very brink of destruction. No matter what occurs, you can rest assured of the wonderful fact that He still maintains the whole world in His Divine Hands.


When He walked this planet, He seemingly attracted trouble wherever He traveled. World conditions, even at that time, were unsettled and uncertain. However, always in the midst of troubles and dire circumstances, He spoke peace to the troubled seas as the sun broke through. This gave His followers the hope and trust that they needed to see them safely through. Many records on Earth reveal the wonders that he performed during His earthly life. The American Indians tell of His power to heal as He visited many of the tribes across the United States.


To this very day, the American Indians testify of accounts of healing and other help wrought by this mysterious man. When He reached the Indian villages, for some unknown reason all of the children would flock to Him. He would take and sit them on His lap as the children would delightfully stroke His beard. Their legends and reports also state that this Man of God always wore a smile on His face. According to many records, the horses and other animals would literally run to the place where He stood and freely brushed against Him. He would reach out His hand and touch the animals with great love and care.


Oddly enough, according to the Indians’ reports, He would speak in their own tribal language, slowly and clearly, so that everyone could understand Him. He would usually remain with them for a few days. When He would walk away from the people, they would all begin to weep. However, during His brief visits He performed many miracles by means of demonstration. During my pastorate in Minneapolis, Minnesota, I enjoyed the privilege of sitting down with several members of my congregation who were members of the Black Foot Tribe.

They stated that true stories of the Master are, to this day, handed down from grandfather to father and from father to son. This is certainly a truly wonderful testimony that Jesus Christ visited the Americas many years ago. The Dead Sea Scrolls reveal visits that He made far away from the Holy Land. This is most interesting because this portion was purposely omitted from the biblical translations because of the fear of being misunderstood.


One portion of the Dead Sea Scrolls points to the fact that in the last days many adherents to the truth will be called upon to demonstrate their ability to perform that which may be called impossible. One special fragment found in Cave Number Three bears the testimony of those who were found faithful and true to their calling. Because of the decay, this particular parchment fails to bear a title. However, it seems to contain instructions for those Spiritual individuals who stand for the truth at such a time period before Almighty God rings down the final curtain on Earth. In the Scroll, it is revealed that His people will receive such strength, power and influence that they will be able to perform exploits in His Divine Name.

It goes without saying that demonstration of your profession will count heavily when the chips are down. In other words, it will be highly essential for you to perform in the manner in which you have been taught. Preparation for these days of which I speak is included in the many lessons which you have received over the years.


The Dead Sea Scrolls from this particular parchment also reveals that many inspired Masters as well as teachers will take the lead when that time should arise. This calls for you to exercise faith on a scale which you have never attempted before. Inasmuch as the Lord stated that He would be with us at all times, you will be a victor and never go down to defeat. The Great Creator has given every last one of you a measure of faith. It is up to you to determine just how much you will seek to develop that measure. The more you realize the potential power that has been placed within you, the more you will exercise that power which comes from above. It is also imperative that you know yourself as well as your own human limitations.


But, think again. You are not acting under your own power but rather in that special power that has been gifted to you by the Creator. I have informed in the past that you are a very special people. I have also informed you at these seminars that you are NOT here by accident. The Dead Sea Scrolls are a very valuable and necessary asset as to your knowledge of the future. This particular fragment has been long overlooked and perhaps even ignored by the translators.


These fragments contain the promise of power in the future. They also contain words by which you are to live. If you have viewed my tapes, you will remember that there arose much controversy regarding the release of information that I have given you today. There were occasions back at the beginning of the various translations where men actually came to blows because of the script. This is information that many of the “so-called” experts stated that would not be clearly understood. However, we all know better.


For your information, many of today’s scribes, translators and others retained by the Rockefeller Foundation, who lays claim to the Dead Sea Scrolls, literally fought over what should be included in the limited releases and what should not. The truth remains that many of the scrolls are kept hidden to this day of 2003. According to the highest authorities in charge, they will never see the light of day. These “self appointed” individuals do not wish the world to know the whole truth regarding the messages contained in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Perhaps there is far too much verification contained in the Scrolls directly attesting to the God who came to Earth clothed in human flesh. Far too much evidence regarding the Divinity of Jesus Christ which would finally overturn the applecart of vain religion and its practices would be exposed.

This is very sad. There are those in the religious hierarchy in that part of the world who simply refuse to share with lay people as well as learned men and women (scholars) many of the truths contained within the folds of the Dead Sea Scrolls. I firmly believe that in the due season, the entire truth will be revealed. Those who have both confiscated and hidden the truth will be utterly dismayed. Truth has a habit of surfacing, if not through conventional means then perhaps through your efforts and determination to bring all truth to light. It is highly essential that the entire truth be known regarding the Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls.


However, we will continue to probe the wonderful words of the Master who declared all men to be free to read, to study and to become keenly aware of the truth that will not be hidden forever. I will, from time to time, bring you other important declarations from the Dead Sea Scrolls pertaining to you who are alive and well today. It remains indeed a shameful demonstration by people who have taken it upon themselves to deprive the entire world of these sacred truths regarding the manifestations of the Master as well as the promises to the believers.


Another of the fragments, which we’ll call Exhibit B, deals directly with man’s constant communication with the Almighty. This exhibit reveals that there will come a time when men and women will walk and not be weary. They will run but not faint. They will mount up on wings as eagles and fly to places where they have never been before. This is very similar to our own Bible which teaches us the same truth. Is it possible that the Almighty wanted this information to be so impressed on our hearts that He caused it to also be written in the Dead Sea Scrolls? As the first mentioned manuscript, this prophetic exhibit seems to expose a time line. That is, a time in the future rather than that of the days during which the Master walked this planet.


A great number of people have in fact testified (although in secret) that they have taken flight to worlds unknown. Is it possible that these people are not telling tales? Is it possible that in order to satisfy the longing of the human heart, Our Lord is permitting such experiences to take place? He did promise us (in times of danger and stress) that He would give us “songs in the night.” Does that also indicate that we will be taken on flights to worlds unknown? I would suggest that you clear you mind and allow your pure Spirit to commune with that of the Creator. He does think the world of every one of you. Do not underestimate His Divine power to bless you in this manner.


Inasmuch as you are now in full control of your pure mind, work on that portion that is still doubting. Give the Master Creator a chance to do something wonderful for you during the remainder of this year. Allow His Divine Spirit to make you the type of person who will actually expect wonderful things to happen for you. I want you to sign a brand new lease on life and accept from the hand of the Master, those truly wonderful gifts that He has prepared for you. You owe it to yourself to be the best person that you wish to be. Your dreams will come true. Strive earnestly to elevate your super consciousness to the point where the things, the troubles, the conflicts and wars and rumors of wars will be beneath you.


With His Divine help, you will be able to rise above everything and everyone who are keeping you from your aims and goals of life. You are the complete victor. The Dead Sea Scrolls also teach that a positive attitude in the morning will help you throughout the entire day. At eventide, your rest will be sweet and complete. Your heart will not be troubled no matter what comes your way. Your countenance will shine and your mind will be clear of all encumbrances. Live the life that you know Almighty God wishes you to live and you will walk in perfect harmony, in step with Him and with yourself. If you do this, you will eternally live a more fruitful as well as healthier and happier life than you have ever lived before. Please take time to concentrate on this particular lesson in days to come because it can and will change your life for the better.

Follow the rules! Meditate and spend time in His presence. Do your writing out exercise. Continue to fill out your five points of life. Pray without ceasing. And, finally, “DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU!”

May God Bless and Inspire Your Hears Through The Lessons Which Have Been Presented To You Today!

The lesson presented here is from a past seminar of the Inner Circle. You are invited to share this information with others, but kindly acknowledge copyright and keep this article intact.

Dr. Frank E. Stranges, NICUFO


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