Ten Dimensions of Existence

There are “ten" dimensions of existence that sooner or later will directly affect all of us. There are dimensions of time and space that have already been tapped and made an integral part of human consciousness. As we carefully examine the various aspects of this chapter, let us also be aware that many of you in this auditorium may have already experienced one or more of these ten dimensions.

Travel to these various dimensions calls for strict behavioral conduct on the part of the participants. It calls for rigid forms of discipline... of which many lack the capacity. There must be a valid reason for even attempting to approach these inviting windows in time and space.

It is no secret that those from other planets have already mastered both time and space travel. We know that our particular friends have explained to us how it is possible to actually bend light in order to achieve spaceflight to the outer limits... even to the very edge of the universe. Therefore, it behooves us after listening to this segment to carefully enlist our own hearts and intentions in this direction.

It is likewise necessary to use the wisdom of Solomon before we find ourselves tempted to discuss this mystery with others. Be prepared to be challenged again. This time by those who think that they possess all of the answers... but they do not. Now, prepare yourself to enter the corridors of mystery of the ten dimensions.

1. The first dimension

This is the dimension directly relating to our human existence on this Earth. It is called The Human Dimension. It consists of our human understanding of length, width and thickness. We are taught this in our primary schools. The understanding of many human beings on this planet is limited only to this dimension. They know of no other, nor are they interested in pursuing this any further. They are very happy with this limited knowledge and refuse to go one step further. The old saying, “ignorance is bliss” plays an important part of their own understanding. There are those who will grow very angry at you for even taking the opportunity to enlighten them on these matters. As far as they are concerned, leave me alone and allow me the pleasure of wallowing in the pool of my own human ignorance.

2. The second dimension

This is called the dimension of sight... along with sound. This second dimension calls for the activation of both the “third eye” as well as the “third ear.” When these two factors have been activated you will:

a. see things that no other human being can see
b. hear things that no other human being can hear

... that is, unless they also have the ability to activate those gifts. The two gifts mentioned above will grant you the ability to avoid being fooled or deceived again by any agency on the face of the earth. The fine tuning of the above calls for intervention (not of this Earth). This calls for you to become aware of those legions of angels and other helpers around you who have been dispatched by the Creator Himself for the purpose of assisting you in all of your needs.

In other words, you will be assisted in fine-tuning both of these gifts. You will then be in an excellent position to hear the roll of the drum of the distant drummer. You will see far beyond the scope of human seeing. Your hearing will come into focus and you will hear the voice of the “Spirit of Truth” such as you have never before imagined. This new dimension of sight and sound will far surpass the finest radio, television sound system ever invented. You will be able to go out at night, gaze into the dark skies above and suddenly see the mysteries of God’s great universe. You will also be able to look directly into the faces, into the eyes of those with whom you have daily contact and communication and see and hear the answers to your many questions. Those in whose faces you are gazing will never be the wiser. You now possess spiritual power that cannot be purchased with the currency of this planet.

3. The third dimension

This is the dimension of “imagination.” This can also be called the dimension which embraces your human potential as well as your human possibilities. It is this dimension that unfolds the mysteries of the five pointed star. This dimension will grant you the opportunity to expand all of the five points of your star of life... eventually. When this is accomplished, you’ll experience the joy of the fruits which shall come as a direct result of your expansion. Blessings will come to you and your cup will be overflowing with the rich blessings of Almighty God that has been provided for those who have paid the price of obedience and sacrifice.

The Holy Scriptures tell us in no uncertain terms that He is willing, ready and able to fill your cup until it overflows the rim. He promises us that when we learn the secret of giving... we have learned a universal truth to which there is no match. All good things are yours for the asking because you have indeed proven faithful. Imagination plays a very important part in the lives of those who have gone on before us. Imagination has been responsible for many of the amenities that have proven to be a blessing to the human race. Men and women such as Edison, Ford, Madam Curie, the Wright Brothers and many more had indeed made their contributions to the people of this planet. When you enter this dimension, your imagination begins to produce new thoughts and ideas that when acted upon produce much fruit.

With new thoughts and new ideas literally pouring into your mind, you seek ways and means to control these new thoughts and ideas to the point where they make common sense to you. The “Spirit of Truth” stands by to assist you in making the best decisions that cause you to be fruitful, happy and prosperous. Filling out the points of your “star of life” may in fact prove to be the one important achievement of your entire life. In completing this star, you will find yourself in a wonderful position to do the things in life that you have always wished for, travel to those distant places and achieve those goals and aims of life once and for all.

4. The fourth dimension

This is the dimension of “control.” For many decades many had attempted to control certain experiences and have failed because of their lack of knowledge of this dimension. You see, this dimension addresses itself to the “control” of your out-of-body experiences. Out-of-body experiences are one of the most dangerous practices on the face of the earth. The reason being, that while you are out of your body, traveling here and there, upon your return to your physical body, you will find an unwelcome boarder. This boarder made himself at home because he found your door open as well as unattended. This unwelcome boarder can only be dismissed in one way. That being to be cast out of you in the blessed name of the Lord Jesus Christ. In other words, you left your body unattended. This is highly dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. This dimension will teach you the many lessons of protecting the body and closing the door as well as invoking the powers of Almighty God and His angels to protect your physical body until you return.

This also includes the “Ring of Fire” through which no force in the universe may invade or otherwise disturb. The dimension of “control” will also teach you how and when you may travel out of your body. When this power is exercised in a spiritual manner, one feels the power of Almighty God accompanying him or her at all times during this experience. There are times when you may be invited to travel through time and space with others who are more experienced than you. There are those from other worlds, who would love to have you accompany them during a special mission.

This again, calls for rigid discipline, because there are many factors involved in taking such trips. There is a responsibility to your family, your job or other factors which must be taken into consideration before such a journey is planned. Again, I must point to the Holy Scriptures that teach us that the apostle Paul himself took such trips and even he did not fully comprehend the true meaning of that experience. He stated that he did not quite know whether he was in the flesh or in the spirit. The apostle Philip took a short trip as the “spirit” carried him away on the winds and he later found himself walking down a side street in a distant city. Philip as well as Paul had a mind-bending experience. They did not talk to many people about their respective experience. Nevertheless, history records many who have taken such a journey both by day and by night. In all cases, both in the sacred Scriptures as well as in public testimony we are led and carefully guided through the successful experience because they placed their faith and confidence in Almighty God.

5. The fifth dimension deals with visions, dreams and revelations

How many times have you asked yourself the question, “how may I turn my dreams into reality?” This dimension will grant you the tools to expand your spiritual power to enter into those sacred doors which will open into a new way for you to witness your dreams coming true. This dimension portrays itself into two important parts. They are A: Physical and B: Spiritual. First let us deal with the physical. There are certain dreams that you may experience in color, others may appear in black and white. As for the interpretation of dreams, there are many hundreds of books on the market today. They all have their own opinion as to the true interpretation of your dreams. Chances are that they are all wrong. When you dream the dream, it can affect you either physically or spiritually.. depending on the interpretation. There are certain dreams that bear no consequence whatsoever, on the other hand, even in Bible days, prophets of God had dreams and were commissioned to interpret these dreams to various kings and priests.

Secondly, spiritual dreams must be adhered to. These dreams may be in the form of advice, counsel, or even a warning. A warning that you should either go or stay at a certain point. The spiritual dreams are much more vivid and long-lasting than physical dreams. Many spiritual business persons have dreamed dreams, followed the warnings and avoided a hat full of trouble. Others pay little or no attention whatsoever to their dreams.

This certain dimension clearly addresses itself not only to dreams, but also to visions and revelations. There are many ways in which the Almighty wishes to address Himself to you and of course, there is no limit. Visions are very impressive because they normally occur during the daytime hours. Of course there are many who have boasted on night visions. They are often accompanied by warnings, advice and/or other aspects to a person’s life. Revelations are the most powerful of all, the reason being that most of these originate from a divine source. Revelations take preeminence over all dreams and visions because of the impact that the respective revelation has upon the life of the person receiving the same. Please bear in mind that Almighty God, in His reference to the “last days” promises to deal with humankind in all three ways: dreams, visions and revelations.

One does not necessarily have to be engaged in a sleep state in order to receive a revelation. This may take the form of a revelation from reading a book or perhaps viewing a motion picture. When one receives a divine revelation there is always evidence displayed as a result of the spiritual happening. There is always something or someone directly affected by such a revelation. This dimension must be carefully studied because of its impact upon the lives of everyone involved.

6. The dimension of transubstantiation

Transubstantiation is the act of changing the molecular structure from one substance or element to another. This particular dimension addresses itself to many aspects of human spiritual understanding. This includes the following: A. Matter, B. Energy.

This calls for the ability to control certain aspects of the fine line between reality and the supernatural. When dealing with the supernatural one knows (by experience) that fine lines have been drawn between the two that cannot ever be violated. There are those who believe that when partaking of the Holy Communion table, the bread and the wine actually turn into the blood and flesh of Jesus Christ. This teaching goes back several thousand years.

There are records where certain “masters” have been seen (by many witnesses) to have reached out into mid air and following a few incantations and hand movements have produced elements of pure gold. This borders on the working of miracles, which is also a gift from Almighty God to those persons who wish to obtain and use it for His glory. Think it not strange that these miracles are still taking place on the face of the earth. As a matter of fact, that are several groups who occupy a number of the regions “beneath” the surface of our planet to perform miracles on a daily basis. Sickness and disease are completely unknown among them because of their faith in God as well as the ability to transubstantiate diseased tissues into new, unblemished tissue.

There are also a number of Indian tribes in America who have faultlessly demonstrated their ability to ward off and rebuke all manner of evil spirits from people as well as animals. Before this act can be accomplished, one must recognize the force, the sickness, the disease and/or the demon possession and then, through the powers of the universe rid themselves of these evil forces once and forever.

7. The dimension of time and space

This dimension deals directly with the human and spiritual mind working together in unison in order to successfully achieve a oneness with the universe. The forces of divine control working with the superconscious mind of the individual freely testify of the unity that exists between man and Creator. When a person has ascended to this high plateau, they will automatically witness such power and authority that they will know no bounds. You have no doubt noticed how, so far, all of these dimensions seem to be crisscrossing each other in regards to their respective activity.

They seem to appear as intertwining, weaving a fine fabric of divine fellowship and communion. Time and space shall indeed be one for the man and the woman, who are walking in the truth. As these two become one, there is a spiritual force that will bind and secure this union as no other union in the massive universe.

8. The dimension of universality

This includes the following: A. Full control, B. Displacement of human organic matter, C. Full control of the molecular structure of the human body, D. Control of matter and antimatter, E. Universal control room and F. Expansion of the superconscious mind.

This awesome dimension speaks directly to the hearts of men and women. It invites us to partake of such universal powers that we cannot only order the pathways of our own lines but also order the pathways of those whom we love. This does not in any way, the shape, manner or form imply that we have successfully taken away someone’s will. It means that we are now in a position to provide them with such high values and spiritual amenities that they will be able to make a choice. And... when they do, you will be in a position to be that spiritual guide for them to follow.

Far too many persons are walking the streets of this planet...aimlessly. They have no plan, no future, no dream or vision and many have no will to go ahead in this world and make something of themselves. You shall be placed into a unique position to assist and guide them in order that they may at least... have a choice.

This dimension will also provide you with certain lessons from a higher power regarding the ability of controlling matter and energy to the point that you will act as a master with spiritual gifts.

Those from space have the ability of assembling the molecular structure of their body... at point one, and then reassembling their molecular structure when they arrived at point two. In Bible days, many were able to perform this feat without problems. Jesus Christ Himself performed this act on many occasions. You will become privy to the “master control room” during which time you will witness acts and deeds performed by those who have been dispatched from the Creator Himself to this planet to assist you. For the first time in your life, you will feel that you are finally a living part of the universe. This leads directly into the next dimension.

9. The dimension of time and space travel

This is the dimension that embraces time and space travel of the mind, the spirit, the soul and the heart, in complete cooperation and unison with the Creator of the universe. This dimension is automatically triggered by the superconscious mind. Allow your self, in the privacy of the “secret place” with white candle lit and your heart filled with expectancy, gaze slowly into the future. See yourself not as an observer but rather a participant of the greatest revelations ever given to members of the human race.

This is an area that cannot be entered into by our friends from space. This is a blessing reserved only for you as a faithful member of the mystical body of Christ. The day is fast approaching that men and women of God will be blessed because they had been gifted with a peek behind the curtain of eternity. You will come and go at will. You will be in the presence of His holy angels who will welcome you into their space. You will be able to fully utilize all of your spiritual powers and believe it or not, you may not be interested in returning to your point of origin.

Then... and then only... you will be able to walk softly into the next dimension.

10. The final dimension being... the dimension of “infinity”

By this time, you will be at one with the Creator, nothing will ever again be outside of your reach. All of your dreams will have come into fruition, and you will witness no limit, no trials, no tribulation, no barriers of time, space, sound, sight... but rather... you will find yourself standing on the edge of eternity... silently realizing that you are finally in full control of your destiny.

You and your Creator... are “one”!

The lesson presented here by Dr. Frank E. Stranges is from a past seminar of the Inner Circle.

You are invited to share this information with others, but kindly acknowledge copyright and keep this article intact.

Dr. Frank E. Stranges, NICUFO


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