Rules of Conduct

  1. Self examination is necessary for your Spiritual growth and development.
  2. Do not allow any person to even attempt to steal your crown of life.
  3. Consider very carefully before making any decisions, either personal or business.
  4. Perform faithfully your writing out exercise.
  5. Make plans to spend time in “the silence” on a daily basis.
  6. Prayer and meditation are a must in your daily conduct.
  7. Make an earnest effort to study those books which will uplift your mind and your spirit.
  8. Seek the secret of controlling yourself under every pressure and challenge.
  9. Speak and confer with those whom you love and trust in all matters pertaining to you.
  10. Strive for that perfection Christ in every single phase of your life.
  11. Ask largely of the Divine Creator that your joy may be full.
  12. Make every effort to pass on the teachings that you have received this past year.
  13. Look for and expect to receive the best things of life for yourself and for your loved ones.
  14. Never be satisfied with half-way measures.
  15. Strive to complete all of the projects that you have begun.
  16. Never fail to remember what wonderful things have been promised to you in the Sacred Word.
  17. Continue to look forward with inner vision. The future is yours for the asking.
  18. Respect yourself as a true Child of Almighty God.
  19. At the close of each day, look back in retrospect and reflect on past blessings.
  20. Be thankful for present and future blessings.
  21. Remember that you are a living, vital part of the plan of Almighty God for planet Earth.
  22. Consider yourself extremely fortunate in being part of this Universal Plan.
  23. Take extra care of your health and well being.
  24. Impart to others from your life experience and lessons learned.
  25. Feel at liberty to express your own private feelings regarding events of the day.
  26. Never fear the opinions of negative forces.
  27. Reject everything and anything which does not ring true.
  28. Allow the Spirit of Truth, within you, to be your daily guide.
  29. Expect your two Angels (i.e. your Ministering and your Guardian Angels) to lead and guide you as was promised by the Creator.

Consider the above Rules of Conduct and make them a part of your daily living. You will find that you will actually be taking full charge of your life and wonderful, bright and prosperous future. You hold the power of positive change in the palms of your hands. I assure you that these changes will become very evident as you place these Rules of Conduct into action. Expect nothing but the best at all times. God bless you all.

Commander Valiant Thor

The article presented here is from a past issue of the monthly newsletter entitled The Interspace Link. You are invited to share this information with others, but kindly acknowledge copyright and keep this article intact.

Dr. Frank E. Stranges, NICUFO


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