Light and Darkness

A Lesson from Commander Valiant Thor

There are sayings which most of your people recognize... “An eye for an eye” – “a tooth for a tooth.” – “what goes around comes around.” For the most part, these sayings are applied to mean those things which are of a negative nature. Some even refer to them as karma. However this word has come to be used by some who have applied it to explain bad behavior and have used it to even justify the actions of others as having been performed because of their “past lives.” You know from previous teachings in this vehicle that this simply is not true. For our purposes here, we will make use of the words DARKNESS and LIGHT.

It is the darkness which has overtaken many and blinds them to the Universal Truths which set you free. True metaphysical teachers know the law of Light as atonement, the Law of the Christ. This is the law of LIGHT – Love and Life take over. Joy, happiness and bliss will originate from within you and shine for others to see if you make this law one of your own.

Some black magicians have used the law of darkness to keep people ignorant of the truth, keep them ignorant of the true LAW OF THE LIGHT. The mass-minded want the gifts of this law, but do not want to pay the price of living by it. And the only price to pay is giving up the negativity in one’s life. There is no limit to forward movement when you are progressing into eternity through LIGHT. I cannot tell you enough times to eliminate fear, hatred, anger, jealousy, revenge, envy and every negative emotion which has such a detrimental effect on the physical body and the mind. The Budding Individual is becoming alive with the presence of this life-giving LIGHT. Many of you have had a long list of unpleasant experiences and very few joyous ones. That will change soon. Much joy and happiness will be yours as you follow the path to TRUTH and strive for wisdom. The “eyes of the wise” are seeing possibilities and opportunities, in spite of your world conditions, which the eyes of the masses never have and never will see. Remember to practice the things which you have been taught in the Inner Circle seminars. Do not just be a seeker of knowledge, but be a doer. All the training and knowledge in the world will do no good if you don’t PUT IT TO GOOD USE. PRACTICE ALL YOU KNOW. There are principles which you know. You found them interesting to practice. Many Budding Individuals have found it difficult to put them into practice. Procrastination gains nothing and can become a disease. Study the information which you receive for development not just entertainment. Do not become merely a collector of information.

Keep in mind the five-fold philosophy of life. The SPIRITUAL, MENTAL, PHYSICAL, SOCIAL and FINANCIAL... expand each equally. A balanced life will greatly assist you on your path. Add enthusiasm to do the best you can do constantly. Desire is extremely important in your development. In everything you say, do and think, exercise wisdom. With sufficient desire and enthusiasm, you can make great changes. For you, for your future, make necessary changes in every department of life and share what you have learned with others. Isn’t that a simple formula??? By making yourself a better person, sharing your knowledge with others (be sure to use wisdom in the things you say and do) and by the example of your behavior, you will exact more opportunities for change among the masses than trying to “make the world a better place to live.” At the time of the return of The Lord to this planet, it will be changed by His Hand.The greater your expansion, the greater your influence on others. Keep looking forward and see the progress you are making as you make changes in your life. Visualize the future for yourself and become enthusiastic over what you see. Make right anything from the past which is keeping you from progressing on the path. Do this and you will have constructed the bridge from what you were to what you are to what you will become. Soon, you will be thrilled to see that negativity has no power or influence over you and you are growing in the LIGHT OF TRUTH.

This article is taken from a past issue of the monthly newsletter entitled The Interspace Link. You are invited to share this information with others, but kindly acknowledge copyright and keep this article intact. Thank you.

Dr. Frank E. Stranges, NICUFO


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