Introduction to the Star Teachings

The information presented here has been collected from the accounts of contactees who have received encouraging messages from benevolent beings from our solar system, from within our earth and our galaxy and from other dimensions and the multi-layered frequencies which make up cosmic life.

These beings vibrate at exquisite levels of love and intelligence and demonstrate a sincere desire to help humankind. They say that we are all one within the grace and love of the Creator and with compassion, concern and counsel they are ready to help us, if we are open to changing ourselves.

The Star Teachings invite us to expand our hearts and our minds and remind us that we, too, are spiritual beings. We are, in fact, members of a great interworld community—The Intergalactic Federation of Planets. In following the guidance of these elevated presences, we create opportunity for meaningful sacred growth and prepare ourselves for greater contact with spiritually and scientifically advanced civilizations.

The Notes from the Light also form a part of the Star Teachings as they are transmitted monthly to Regiena Heringa by the Intergalactic Federation of Planets.

It is hoped that these Star Teachings will help us all to evolve into more refined beings so that we may consciously celebrate our participation in this interworld community of divine love, understanding and sharing.


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