The Ice Canopy - “A long time ago when... the sky was green”

There was a time on Earth long ago when one could gaze into the skies above and see nothing but the beautiful, soft colors of the firmament. These colors consisted of a combination of soft blue and green. At that time, our planet was completely surrounded by what was called the ICE CANOPY. Neither the Earth, nor mankind was subject to the ravages of the sun as we know them today. The vegetation was watered from beneath. This normally occurred during the evening hours which resulted in the blessings of the dew in the morning.

These were the days when fellowship between mankind and of the Creator was unbroken. The days when both men and God walked in the cool of the day speaking to one another, planning for the future and also living in constant fellowship with those of other worlds, who were created, as was Adam, without spot or blemish.

It was during those beautiful times when the entire creation was able to speak the same language. It was actually called the language of the gods.

If you could possibly imagine listening to the words and music of those who existed at the beginning of time, you would realize that mankind today has lost the blessings from which he originated.

In today’s society, we strain to see with our third eye, and we strain to listen with our third ear. However, from time to time, some of us are permitted to view and hear the blessings from the past with the full knowledge that the time will soon come when all of these rich blessings will be restored to the human family.

The “ice canopy” completely and envelopped our planet. All of the species of sea life found in it quite humorous insomuch as they were able not only to swim in the seas of the planet but also to travel across the skies of water. From time to time, with the method known only to the Creator as well as to the creatures of the sea, they were able to travel to and from the “ice canopy” at will.

Mankind, at that time, thoroughly enjoyed life on this planet. Those from the interior likewise enjoyed fellowship with those on the surface as well as fellowship with those from other planets.

The truth of the matter lies in the fact that time on this Earth was the truly filled with love, peace, joy and happiness. Every creature on and in the Earth as well as in the heavens dwelled together in harmony.

Following the creation of Adam and Eve, there is no record on this planet that will reveal the precise time span of what was termed as the Age of Innocence.

According to one of the reports recorded in that Dead Seat Scrolls (not yet located) both Adam and Eve did in fact enjoy the pleasures of visiting other planets. At first, because of the “ice canopy,” they were not even aware that there were such masses as other planets. However, they did suspect that the Creation of Almighty God could not possibly be confined to this sphere called Earth. They made many friends on these other worlds. Likewise, these friends often came to this planet for a visit. They often exchanged gifts. They sat and broke bread, together with leaders of other worlds.

According to Uniah, there are still many created beings on and in other spheres who remember both Adam and Eve. There are those who have visited here in the far, distant, dim past and who still remember the days when the planet Earth was completely surrounded by an “ice canopy.” They remember the beautiful colors of the skies as viewed from the surface of the planet. They often speak of the times when they were permitted to fly directly through the “ice canopy” at certain points that were designated by Adam himself.

According to the ancient records, both Adam and Eve were considered as lesser gods by those from other worlds. They were considered as the apples of the eye of the Divine Creator. The records also show that both of them were in reality fun people. They loved to put on feasts and invited many from other worlds. They came in droves and brought guests, music, food and other blessings that were thoroughly enjoyed by Adam and Eve. On numerous occasions, the Lord Himself in His physical form graced the feast with His presence and never failed to Bless everyone in attendance.

The records also portray the fact that God laughed, saying, played musical instruments and otherwise entered into their celebrations creating a feeling of joy that was unequaled in the history of the human race on this planet.

Inasmuch as several of them were people of high authority, they were obligated to return to their home planets in order to rule in the manner for which they were appointed by the High Council.

Nevertheless, regardless of their high positions, they had a truly wonderful time during their many visits with Adam and Eve.

If you will carefully note, I had used the term “people” throughout this account. The reason being that they ARE people. They look and walk as we do. They are not as those dreadful creatures that are seen in many science fiction motion pictures. The reason is most significant. Almighty God, the Creator of the universe, is a God of Order. Divine Order if you please. He created mankind on this sphere in His own image and likeness. Why then should He depart from His pattern of order and create other life forms that would throw a scare into Boris Karloff??

Because he is a God of order, we can expect His system of Divine Order to be observed and practiced throughout the mass universe... worlds without end.

Adam and Eve lived in the very presence of Divine order. Then, something occurred. Something that reverberated and sent signals throughout the universe. An alarm was sounded. Planetary observers watched carefully. They wonder if The Almighty would again wipe the slate clean and start all over again as He did following the days of Quello. The universe, literally held its breath. Angel stood side-by-side with other created beings. Another segment of the hidden Dead Sea Scrolls reveals that what ever the Creator decided to do, they would stand with Him in total unison realizing full well that He indeed knew what He was doing. It was as though the entire creation groaned because of the fact that Lucifer, who was once a trusted archangel and the most beautiful of creations would dare disobey the Creator.

When the decision was finally made, both Adam and Eve were stripped of their divinity, their perfection and their positions. They all gazed upon this scene, as Adam looked toward the Tree of Life. Immediately, the Creator raised His right hand and signaled several Angels with swords of fire to stand guard over the entrance into the Garden of Eden. The results were quite severe. If Adam and Eve could have made their way to the Tree of Life, they would be alive today. However, by Divine command, their way was blocked. Mankind lost practically all of its high standing among the others in the Universe. The truth of the matter is that even some of our friends were privy to this awesome display of disobedience and judgment. Many from space felt very sorry for both Adam and Eve. Several of them even volunteered to take their places, but were denied.

The word spread from planet to planet. The planet Earth would never be the same. Mankind took some giant strides for the next several years, leading to the event that was to change the complexion of this planet for many eons.

Then, following a series of events, mankind ventured far and wide and in his travels throughout the Earth, he gradually lost contact and communication with the Divine Creator.

Then one day, the rumor among the planets was that mankind on the planet Earth was about to suffer another blow. Not as a result of the anger of a Righteous Creator, but rather because of the constant defiance of mankind of the perfect laws of God. There were constant warnings. There was repeated defiance. Those from other worlds, alerted their own people to observe the series of events leading up to the fateful day.

Then the countdown went into effect. Noah and his family, seemingly the only obedient ones on the face of the Earth, were busily engaged in the construction of the Ark. When that Creator commanded Noah, to build an Ark, he did not even know what an Ark was. However, when God gave him instructions, Noah did exactly what he was commanded to do.

Of course, the people of Noah’s generation look upon his efforts with disdain. They mocked him and called him all manner of evil names. Noah warned them that “RAIN “ was going to fall from the skies thus disrupting the “ice canopy.” Of course, that warning fell upon deaf ears, and they mocked him even more than before. The reason? The reason they laughed and mocked Noah was because the word “RAIN” was totally unknown, and it had never “rained” nor was water ever viewed as falling from the skies. Remember that there were no such items as “clouds.”

The biblical record as well as records from other sacred writings and holy books all concur. The Ark was completed. Noah then was seen herding all manner of animals, creeping things, various species of flying creatures and the like. He was leading them aboard this huge boat that was built so far from the nearest river that the entire scene was one of great ridicule.

The onlookers laughed themselves into a frenzy. They looked upon Noah and his family with scorn and disdain. Then, a very strange thing took place. They saw Noah pause briefly and gazed into the “ice canopy” knowing full well that this would be the very last time that he would witness this soft blue-green sky. Then, as he proceeded to walk through the threshold... THE DOOR SLAMMED SHUT BEHIND HIM. They did not actually witnessed Noah closing the door himself. But, they knew at that point that some force, not Noah, had shut that door. Many of the mocking onlookers turned away and decided to go about their business. Others remained at the scene of this strange craft, which housed animals, birds, creeping things, male and female, standing firmly on the gigantic forms upon which the craft was built.

Without warning, the sky grew unusually dark. They heard sounds emanating from above, which they had never heard before. For the first time in human history WATER BEGAN TO FALL FROM ABOVE. This silence of crackling, thunderous aerial explosions gave way to torrents of water gushing forth from the heavens. Our Bible supplies us with the following graphic description: “the windows of heaven were opened and the fountains of the deep were loosed.”

The loud, almost sacrilegious laughter gave way to uncontrollable screams of fear and disbelief. They ran in every direction. They ran to the hills, utterly disregarding the safety of their own families and friends. They thought that they could escape the rushing, destructive waters by hiding in caves. All of this was to no avail, whatever. Human beings were wiped from off the face of the Earth. The rains continued for forty days and forty nights. Lightning flashed, the Earth did quake, mountains were leveled and others were raised up to new heights.

Thunder clapped throughout every region of the planet Earth. The “ice canopy” was completely destroyed.

At the end of the rain period, Noah reviewed the new skies above. The only opening (window) was fixed on the very top of the ark. Noah saw the new heavens for the very first time. He saw at different sky. Noah was forced to shield his eyes as he saw the Sun, high in the sky. Before the flood, one could look directly up into the face of the skies and not be obligated to protect his eyes against the harmful rays of the sun. This was indeed a new experience for Noah. He quickly summoned the other members of his family to gaze upon this awesome, strange phenomenon – the Sun in the blue sky above. None of them fully comprehended, nor were able to fully grasp the meaning of this new sight in the morning sky. Then, when the sun finally disappeared, they were met with still another strange and unusual phenomenon – the pale moon, which is called the lesser light, ruling the night. Noah and his family were in for many more surprises as they departed from the Ark several days later.

Those from other worlds viewed this awesome spectacle and communicated with others, speaking in guarded conversation. How the Almighty Creator was planning to go forth and again replenished the planet was still not revealed to them. However, in time, they could easily discern the plans and purpose of the Almighty Creator.

There is much more that could be said. However, I will reserve more on this story until a later date. Suffice it to say that this planet is again standing on the very brink of destruction and the good news is that YOU can make the difference. You will receive additional information from time to time. Information that has been carefully designed to assist YOU in changing your own life. The big question remains. What will you do with the information that will be directly granted to you, not only by me, but by those from other planets will have been dispatched by The Almighty for the purpose of assisting you?? Think of it my friend, you have the option within your grasp to not only change your own life but also to affect others in such a way that they will bless you for the remaining part of your life on this planet.


The article presented here is from a past issue of the monthly newsletter entitled The Interspace Link.

You are invited to share this information with others, but kindly acknowledge copyright and keep this article intact.

Dr. Frank E. Stranges, NICUFO


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