Exploring The Hollow Earth


As a student of the Bible since childhood, I have cultivated not only a hunger for truth, but also an unusual thirst for that which is called the “unknown”. This is one of the principal reasons why my professors wept when I graduated from North Central University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. My mom and dad, who came to the graduation by Greyhound, wondered why my professors eyes testified of moisture while they shook my hand. In reality, these were tears of joy. My professors were so very happy to see me go. You see, I was the one who was always asking questions. Questions about the creation, questions about strange and unusual aerial phenomenon in the Bible and a host of other questions to which they individually and collectively had no answer.


There was a question which I raised regarding the actual age of planet Earth. Of course, you all know that Archbishop James Ussher (1581-1656) was the most famous of all chronologists when he produced an annotated edition of the Bible in which he proclaimed that the planet Earth was formed in a mere 4004 B.C. One of the most powerful arguments for this dating was the fact that mankind was still expanding into new territories. He postulated that if the Earth was much older then about 6000 years, all of the then known available territories would have been occupied. Further, he stated that the invention of the printing press was comparatively recent. Why is there no records in prehistory of this convention before?


From that time forward, many others perform their own calculation and before one realized it, they began dating the Earth into the millions of years B.C. This theory even exists today. The scientists swear on a stack of their own Bibles that they are correct and Archbishop was deadly wrong. The mystery then takes a different turn as people of renown begin to postulate even further by presenting all types of evidence that our planet Earth must be hollow.


Theoretically, it is clearly feasible that the Earth is hollow. In this 21st century, there are those who claim to possess first-hand information about this phenomena. One of these persons is now standing before you. There was a time when I was personally invited to visit the people of Inner Earth. However, I will reserve that for an other time. Evidence is purely circumstantial that this planet Earth can easily be hollow. There are many scientists who have changed their thinking during the past few years.

On the other hand, we find a number of religionists who are violently opposed to this idea. Meanwhile, there continues to be those who are very anxious to raise millions of dollars in an attempt to reach the Hollow Earth on foot. This will never succeed because these openings are completely hidden from view. However, during a flight of a United States satellite several years ago, the opening at the South Pole was revealed for the world to see. At the same token, the United States government made many attempts to gather and confiscate those pictures from the unwary public. Meanwhile, let us delve deeper into this mystery.


The question of the Hollow Earth theory was shared by men of renown. Men such as Plato and Aristotle were two outstanding proponents of the Hollow Earth theory. Included in this famous club were names such as Edmond Halley (1656-1742), of Halley’s Comet fame. These men along with others did not hesitate to let their feelings be made public. They argued that this Earth was riddled with miles and miles of underground tunnels and passages through which many waters flow and strong winds blow. Plato thought there were in fact huge reservoirs which he labeled “Tartarus.” Many of them were forced, circulating through fissures clear to the surface to form lakes and rivers. They further agreed that this could easily be the reason for many underground quakes which disturbed certain areas of the surface Earth.


In the year1820, US Infantry Officer John Cleves Symmes attempted to interest the American Congress in financing an inner Earth exploration. He wanted to mount an expedition to the North Pole. However, they were not impressed by his closed door presentation, and nothing ever came of it. He attempted to point out to them that one of the entrance points was the North Pole and the other at the South Pole.

Then later on, the famous Edgar Rice Burroughs became interested in the Hollow Earth Theory. Not too long after, Jules Verne embarked on a novel called “Journey to the Center of the Earth.” In this volume, he represented that the interior was not only populated by many races of humans, but also by huge animals. In secret, there were a few people in Government, who actually stated that they would approve such a venture providing they also were included, among those who would visit the Hollow Earth.


Adolf Hitler called a secret meeting in Munich in the year in 1933. The purpose of this secret meeting was to inquire of his top scientists as to the validity of rumors which he had heard regarding the Hollow Earth. Hitler then commanded that a company of both scientists as well as strong military leaders attempt to locate an opening into the Earth. Such an opening he felt would lead to the people who would provide them with the secrets of the Universe. It was also suggested that if they could locate such a race of people, they should be brought to Berlin for interrogation. Hitler had also heard that these people who populated the Inner Earth were of very high intelligence. In fact, he was totally convinced that they were from other planets. This would mean they possessed knowledge and understanding of space exploration. This indeed would be a tremendous boost to the Nazi regime and automatically place them over and above all world powers. It was at that point when several of his own officers had actually photographed UFOs coming out of the South Pole. This excited Hitler and inspired several of his scientists to actually experiment and construct several advanced military vehicles which were shaped like flying saucers and flying tubes of cigars.


You should know that Hitler believed, from reports that he had received, and that the Inner Earth regions were literally filled with Holy Relics. These are relics, according to him, which gave him such supreme power that would guarantee him a world wide acceptance and leadership. Of course, neither he nor any of these explorers ever successfully came even close to one of the openings.

You must understand that throughout human history, no one ever visited the Inner Earth, unless they were permitted to do so by the authorities to rule the Inner Earth. There are many accounts where several people “accidentally” ventured into the Inner Earth. However, please allow me to set the record straight. They were all guided to the lower regions. No one ever enters the Hollow Earth regions without permission.


Please allow me to reiterate that to your hearts. Even the late Admiral Richard Byrd’s plane was under the direct control of the authorities as they successfully landed his airplane in the Inner Earth. The account of the gentleman and his son, who were accidentally washed into the Inner Earth, were in fact, guided by those wonderful giants with whom they spent quite some time after being rescued from the raging storm that wrecked their ship. This account is found in the book “The Smoky God.”

In the future, please understand if and when you are invited to visit the Inner regions of this planet, it will be because you have been found worthy and for a specific purpose. Their invitation will be granted to you and you will be among the many hundreds who have enjoyed this rich experience during the past 25 years.


1. As you have learned in the past, the Inner regions are populated by various races of people. These include those from other worlds.

2. Giants and in some areas, those whom we call Bigfoot, Yeti, Skunk Apes, plus Abdominal Snowman and Snowwomen.


Those from other worlds often come to the interior on a planned mission. They are carefully schooled and versed in the ways of human beings who reside on the surface of Earth. They very often work in close communication with Commander Valiant Thor and his people. They often visit Victor One along with the other Victor Ships stationed in and around parts of the world. They are very Spiritual, highly intelligent and possess powers far beyond those of normal human man. Many of them are part of a Master plan which has been set in motion by the Creator of the Universe. Although they practice and enjoy a form of family life, they are wholly dedicated to the mission for which they have been sent. From time to time, they rise to the surface of the planet and mingle with men and women as part of this plan. In the future, I firmly believe that some of you will meet a number of them BEFORE you are issued an invitation to travel to the interior of planet Earth. These men and women have but one thing in mind. That purpose is to accomplish their calling and their appointment to the very fullest of their ability. From time to time, they return to their home planet and remain there for a very brief time. They then return to the Interior to complete their mission. These are the same ones who communicate with you telepathically. They very seldom speak audibly. However, when they worship the Creator, it is always with wonderful words and song. Many of them are gifted with certain musical talents with which they praise our Lord both day and night. Once you hear them perform, you will never forget the experience.


Many of these, so-called “Giants” are a remnant of the Great Flood. Please remember that before the Great Flood, the surface of the planet Earth was completely covered by a thin canopy. This canopy was made of transparent ice. This created a system and a warm, comfortable climate throughout the entire planet. The sun never burned either the people, plants, animals or any other living thing.

During the days of Noah, he followed the command of the Creator to erect a large boat. He truly had no idea why he was commanded to perform such a feat, but was obedient to their calling of The Almighty and completed his task.


1. Before the Great Flood, WATER NEVER FELL FROM THE SKY. The plants, trees, and various foods were all watered from beneath the Earth. Also, water from the dew which covered them in the cool of the morning gave them needed refreshment. This is one important explanation as to why the people never believed Noah when he stated that the day would come when the water would fall from the skies. Because they doubted his word, they mocked him at every turn. At that time in human history, the entire globe was covered by a thin “ice canopy.” However, when the appointed hour came upon them, they were all very horrified to actually witness water falling from the skies. The scriptures and other religious books bear witness to the fact that the windows of the heaven were suddenly open. There was a severe breech in the “ice canopy” and it collapsed as water literally poured from the skies.


2. The cracking sound of the “ice canopy” thundered, ruptured with such a tremendous noise that many people on Earth ran and attempted to swim for cover. The sound was seemingly unbearable. The holy books tell us that the fountains of the deep were broken, loosed and the waters began to surge over the land uncontrollably. Therefore, when the waters of the “ice canopy” joined together with the raging waters pouring out of the bowels of the Earth, few doubters remained on the face of the Earth. Their vain laughter and mocking of Noah and his family had ceased immediately. But it was too late.


3. The truth remains that there were Giants in the land before the Great Flood. A number of these giants had a plan to escape should the prophecy of Noah come to pass. This plan included rushing to several mountain tops which to them represented a designated escape route. A number of men and women giants climbed the mountains, entered into certain caves and then, within the structure of the caves, followed the passageway which wound itself upward. As they ran higher and higher, they reached several passages which rose high above any water level. They escaped the Great Flood and later emerged from their caves and witnessed the waterless skies for the first time. From that day to this, those who are called Bigfoot (plus other names) refuse to have anything whatsoever with the people of Earth. They have a civilization all to themselves and live on from one generation to another. A number of the descendants of this particular race are found in quite a few places in the Inner regions of Earth. These people have formed an alliance with others on the inner regions and they never intermingle excepting on very special occasions.


4. For your careful consideration please allow me to throw some light on those who are called “The Nefilim.” This is derived from the term “Nephilim.” These men and women were (or even today are) much, much larger than the rest of mankind on planet Earth. It has been reported that the majority of them possessed six fingers on each hand, and six toes on each foot. The Nefilim are mentioned in our Bibles, along with many other holy books as well as in historic records of planet Earth. This in and of itself makes it quite impossible to deny their very existence. History reveals they walked Earth many years ago, and it easily be identified as part of those particular reports involving encounters with “giants.”


5. The Genesis record reveals in Chapter 6 that the “Nephilim” were on Earth at that time (and also afterwards) when the Sons of God consorted with the children of men (daughters) and had children by them. They brought forth many sons and daughters who were mighty men and women of renown. This is also verified in the accounts of the beginnings of mankind on Earth and in the Dead Sea Scrolls. There are many references in the Dead Sea Scrolls which had never seen the light of day regarding the history of Giants along with the “Nephilim” which shall be revealed in my next production of the Mystery of the Dead Sea Scrolls Volume Four. In some of the ancient texts it adds the phrase “the Nephilim” were not only very, very tall, but many of them were violent and savage, steeped in cruelty and lust. They seemed to appear much before the Great Flood. Even though the biblical record states that every living creature was killed during the Great Flood, by some miraculous effort, a great number of them were able to survive.


6. The records also confirm that both good and evil members of the “Nephilim” crawled into caves whose openings were blocked in such a way that the raging waters fail to destroy them. Perhaps this also could be called a part of the master plan of the Great Creator. For your own careful consideration and further research, I have listed the following Old Testament Scriptural passages in the event you desire to expand your own knowledge and further understanding of the subject by performing your own personal study into this amazing subject.

A. Numbers 13:13 B. Deuteronomy 2: 11 C. Deuteronomy 2: 20-21.
D. Deuteronomy 3: 11-13 E. Joshua 13:12 F. Joshua 15:8.
G. Joshua 17:15 H. 2 Samuel 21:20 I 1 Chronicles 20:6.


7. There also exists just below the surface of Earth, races of fallen angels, demons, and evil spirits. These work together for the damnation of the human race. They are out to destroy all of the children of Almighty God. They are a part of the original company of angels who transgressed the laws of Almighty God in Heaven and were cast out of the heavens at the beginning of time. This exodus occurred long before the land of Quello and before the creation of Adam and Eve. For your information, these are those who have limited intelligence. However, they have successfully constructed beehive shaped UFOs along with many other shapes and sizes. Of course the deadliest is the Bee Hive. This is the type that was responsible for burning a Scoutmaster many years ago in the Florida Everglades. They are called by many names. They are continuously probing the bodies of their captives.


8. They are all operating under the direct command of Lucifer. They are also very instrumental in probing and invading the minds of unscrupulous men in the fields of politics, science, government, medicine, and even religion. They lie, steal and cheat on every hand. You as a child of light have the option of surrounding yourself with the RING OF FIRE PRAYERS. Please also be informed that both the Angels of the Lord along with those from outer space have been dispatched to Earth to serve us and also protect us. These are those special messengers who keep a careful and constant watch on the entrances of these Inner Earth caves so they will never launch a massive attempt on mankind. However, they emerge, a few at a time to kidnap and abduct those on the surface of this planet. But they are not successful in claiming those who lives are covered by the blessings and Divine protection of the “rings of fire.”


My friends, you have heard some strange and unusual things during the past few days. You have been privy to information that has not been shared with too many in the past. In view of all what you have heard, I suggest that when you leave this meeting, you do so in a climate of love, joy and total satisfaction that you are never walking alone. Knowing full well that when you call upon the Name of the Creator, you will immediately come to realize that He is no further from you than your very own shadow. You will have a very important series of tasks to perform before this year is history. YOU WILL WITNESS MANY CHANGES IN YOUR OWN BODY HEART AND MIND. As a member of the Inner Circle, you stand to gain much during the remaining part of this year 2007. Prepare your self to assume those wonderful and delightful responsibilities which have already set you far apart from the norm. I have full faith and confidence that everyone of you will excel in your every effort to fulfill your mission.

May the richest Blessings of our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, rest upon you and your family, as well as upon your mission on planet Earth.

This article written by Dr. Frank E. Stranges is taken from a past issue of the monthly newsletter entitled The Interspace Link. You are invited to share this information with others, but kindly acknowledge copyright and keep this article intact. Thank you.

Dr. Frank E. Stranges, NICUFO


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