The Advanced Progressive Curve of Spiritual Development

Standing on the shores of your Spiritual development, as you look in the distance, you wonder just how far you have come and how far you will proceed. As you are no doubt aware, the Almighty Creator wants you to go all the way to the pinnacle of your Spiritual development. Over the past two years, you have come a very long way toward reaching your goals of true and effective Spiritual development. You have overcome many hurdles and you have proven to be truly worthy of your calling.

You have reached new heights and have also experienced deeper depths. By faith in Him and in your self, you have been able to meet every crisis and have learned to conquer most obstacles. These lessons of the past have proven to be of great value to you as a member of the Inner Circle. In order to achieve the full steps of true progress on your pathway in achieving the curve of Spiritual development, you must follow these important steps.


Faith places into motion certain powers and abilities that are certain to put you over the top. Faith is that powerful, unseen trait as well as gift that will enable all of you to take certain steps which will certainly ensure your successful future. Without faith, your goals and aims in life will never achieve full fruition. Without faith, not only are you flying blind, but you will continue to reap nothing but uncertainty and failure in your life. Without the true exercise of active faith, you will be at a loss on a daily basis. Your faith in Almighty God and in yourself are essential to your overall progress on the Spiritual level. This is an ongoing process and one to which you must pay attention every day so that your level of faith increases as you continue your Spiritual development.


The practice of faith will automatically separate you from the unbelievers. When faith is evident in your daily life, you find that it is easy to overcome every dark and evil influence launched against you by any enemy of your soul. The upshot of faith, is that exercising it pleases that Master and paves the way for you, where there existed none. A beautiful and perfect away has been duly created for you throughout the rest of your life on planet Earth. With your ever increasing faith, you will be able to encourage and inspire those who surround you. With dynamic faith, you will accomplish those miracles for which you have been praying for a very long time. With the exercise and growth of your faith, you will actually be able to move mountains.


Faith dictates and sets certain rules of action. The exercise of faith dictates a need and desire for order. Faith directs itself to Spiritual laws, mental laws and physical laws. Faith is so powerful and effective that it can and will be used to multiply, neutralize and even reverse certain natural laws. When true faith is used by the pure mind of mankind, it can often produce signs, wonders and miracles. God exists in the pure mind, which in turn produce dominion, authority, victory and a wonderful new attitude. This will all have a marked impact upon your curve of Spiritual development. True, unlimited faith will also address itself to your right to claim that which rightfully belongs to you. You, as a true Child of God, also possess certain rights. You have the right of command, and you have the right to expect abundance.

You have the perfect right to expect beneficial and wonderful things to become yours. Faith also produces new and wonderful thoughts in your pure mind. Think to yourself, “I now have a new and improved attitude toward life in general. There is pure gold in the air that I breathe. By my holy and pure thinking, I now claim that pure gold for myself in His Holy Name. I now claim that which is rightfully mine. I am now enjoying my new and wonderful experience.”


  1. I claim my rightful inheritance without hesitation.
  2. Rank poverty and lack is a crime against me. They are not the fruits of my Spiritual curve of development. I want no part of them.
  3. I claim a rightful life of joy and happiness because of my active Faith in God.
  4. Through faith, the Word of God proves to be a textbook of success and prosperity.
  5. The Master taught prosperity and lived prosperity for me and His faithful followers.
  6. I now think of good things in my heart and good things will come to me

Your Curve of Spiritual Development is about to take on a new and wonderful appearance. Look forward to the time when you can actually see and visualize those wonderful and blessed days when everything you touch will turn to gold. There is no reason why unique and extraordinary blessings should not be poured into your life. You have been gifted with years of valuable information which should have created a hunger within your very soul. This hunger could be easily satisfied if you decide to reach out and claim those perfect truths, which will change your life forever.


There are those from other worlds who to this day enjoy the fruits of their own unbroken faith in Almighty God. They live on a much higher plane than we because of their close proximity to the Creator. They have learned throughout eons of time that when one departs from that close Spiritual proximity they will become alienated from His Divine presence. They are often likened to Angels who have never forsaken the perfect laws of God. They can only proceed higher and higher on their own scale of Spiritual development. The act of living in a perfect state remains with them as long as they are operating within the scope of the perfect Divine Will of Almighty God. They are in full control because they are attuned to the Laws of the Universe. Divine Law governs their every movement and decision.

They suffer no limitations as does mankind on this planet. They possess powers and abilities that allow them the luxury of inter-space travel without physical vehicles. However, when the journey includes others, they normally travel in craft that are appropriate for all.


Man turned his back on the Divine Creator. They lost all of the multiple blessings that the Almighty had planned for the human race. This included the powers and abilities which were originally granted to the people who occupied the Land of Quello. As a result of Adam’s disobedience in the Garden of Eden, at the despicable hands of the most beautiful beast of the field, Lucifer, the hearts of Adam and Eve were changed forever. They experienced corruption for the first time and lost the constant Holy Presence of God. Since that time, man has been taking a series of steps backwards and has never been able to fully recover. From that time forward, this planet has been ravaged by unrest, wars, tribulations and death. This fall from grace could only be remedied by The Son of The Living God. Through His Love, we are now able to claim for ourselves the gifts which God intended for each of us, by and through His Spirit of Truth.


Today, in this 21st century, we have the right and the ability to claim all that our Creator has promised us. We strive to attain perfection, which is in Him and Him alone. We have the option of remaining stagnant or to reach out and claim that Curve of Spiritual Development, which will enhance our lives in every measure of the word.

Think of it! You are now a Child of Most High God with privileges that not even that Angels possess. You have been promised such power and influence that would rival the Kings and Princes of old. You are living on the very brink of some of the greatest revelations and blessings this world has ever witnessed. You are about to observe the tremendous Spiritual outpouring that has promised by Almighty God. You are about to find your true self in the right place at the right time. You will indeed be responsible for leading many of darkness and into the true Light of the Curve of Spiritual development.

The lesson presented here is from a past seminar of the Inner Circle. You are invited to share this information with others, but kindly acknowledge copyright and keep this article intact.

Dr. Frank E. Stranges, NICUFO


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