Dr. Frank E. Stranges - A Point of UFO Information (07-12-2008)

The overwhelming reality which faces mankind is that the Universe itself remains extraterrestrial. Time therefore should be recognized as an equally important factor in the UFO equation. Experts (guess who) conclude that the density of time is increased when space diminishes. Ships from other planets and galaxies have the awesome ability to pass from macroscopic laws to microscopic laws by causing variations in the flow of time. This fact preempts the thought that ships from other galaxies cannot possibly be visiting Earth because of the tremendous distances of time and space.


The fundamental question of the law of Absolute Relativity replaces the secular special relativity of Albert Einstein. It can be concluded in a sentence that any five year old child can remember that being, the more time, the less space and conversely.

Do we need to insist on the experimental demonstration of temporal density in a rotating mechanism carried out by various scientists in the late 50's? Must we remind the neuropsychiatrists that our physical bodies do not evolve at the same speed at that which constitutes it? Can anyone in their right mind even guess where consciousness is located? Or, where it begins and where it ends?

It is necessary to repeat that special relativity itself truly affirms these discrepancies of perception of time and space, depending on speeds? Re-examining our consciousness, what is it if it is not a particular state of our consciousness and its ability to emit and receive information at a relative speed?


Is it sufficient for ET’s to diminish the flow of time in order to appear perfectly material to us humans in our expanded universe? The present difficulty consists with the ability or the inability to grasp what is produced at the “interior” of a given system making the temporal flow vary. In fact, the state of matter depends directly on this premise. We perceive only the differences of the density of time in the manifestations of nature, as we view it from the “exterior” - from a specific spatiotemporal scale.

It must therefore be stated that high temporal densities are the seat of psyche, of which our friends from space have made themselves masters. Extrasensory perceptions, emotions or precise thought are issues of the highest densities of time, access to which depends on the very complex structure of the neuronal network.

Thus, the discrepancy between material and spiritual is but the result of a difference of the flow of time. Diversity and strangeness often characterize UFO presence as well as paranormal phenomena. It therefore renders them apparently insoluble.

However, on the basis of certain lessons taught by our Friends at the sessions of the “Night Classes” these mysteries are revealed in detail. Especially for those who wish a deeper understanding of time and space. The Commander along with his associated officers teach these mysteries with great delight...

The article presented here is from a past issue of the monthly newsletter entitled The Interspace Link. You are invited to share this information with others, but kindly acknowledge copyright and keep this article intact.

Dr. Frank E. Stranges, NICUFO


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