A Brief Visit to the Interior of Planet Earth

The People.

If you were invited to the center of the Earth, you would meet people of every race and color. You would also observe people of every stature, size and weight. It would amaze you to notice that there are races of people who, although humanoids in appearance, presented certain powers that were or originally lost to the human race following the fall of Adam in the Garden of Eden. Some of them can even fly and rise to tremendous heights. There are those who are descendants from the Land of Quello, whose ancestors refuse to go along with the hordes of angelic host who voluntarily rebelled against The Creator. These certain people possess abilities that would rival a “superman or superwomen.”


They have and observe a very strict code of existence. Their lives are filled with service to others both below the Earth as well as on the surface. They possess the ability to vanish before your very eyes and re-appear not too far from where you might be observing them. They also possess a keen sense of humor. They often converse with the Divine Creator in such a manner that reveals their closeness to the Master. They have lengthy discussions directly relating to the people on the surface. Their Spiritual aptitude enables them to perceive the very thoughts of those on the surface.


From time to time, they are dispatched by one of the members of the Council of Twelve (on the Interior) to actually minister to a number of people on the surface of this planet. They are able to immediately discern your needs as well as desires. There have been cases where they have actually assisted people on the surface in making rare decisions which have given aid to the person on the surfacet immensely. It has been publicized that these contacts and communications will continue to benefit those of you who have developed your Five Pointed Star Of Life. This alone should encourage your own hearts to perform everything in your power to not only complete your five points, but also strive to elongate them.


There is a system of Fellowship and Communion which is sadly lacking in the hearts and minds of those on the surface. However, when visitors from other planes of existence visit the interior, they often refer to the manner in which the human race has lost their first state. At the same time, they realize that we on the surface are in need of as much assistance that they can render us. Those from other worlds spend quite a bit of time in the interior with Spiritual people who share their lives with much enjoyment and happiness. They often speak of the Divine Creator and they also take part in the worship services which are conducted every morning on the interior. People from the planet Venus are frequent visitors to the interior and almost all of them refer to the Commander and the tremendous work that he is doing on behalf of the human race. It may surprise you to learn that the Commander’s reputation is universe-wide. Many from other worlds are amazed because of the impact that the Commander has had on literally thousands of lives throughout the Universe.


Another surprise that will enlighten you on the Commander’s activities is that they have placed at least ten percent of the children whom they have rescued from the garbage dumps of the world. These children will certainly have a tale to tell when they grow up to maturity. This again has been a mission chosen by that Commander himself. He was not obligated to perform these acts of mercy, but rather chose this extracurricular activity, because his heart was touched with compassion and deep love for these children. You will be hearing much more about those who have been placed into the loving arms of men and women far below the surface of planet Earth. Meanwhile, please do not forget to do your part in cooperating with the Commander in his quest to make a better life for those lost children of the world.


The interior of our planet Earth is not unlike many others in ours as well as other systems. There have been many stories related by adventurers into the planet for many decades. One thing is certain. Those visitors will never forget their experiences. Such visits have utterly changed their ways of thinking. They testify of wonderful colors, odors, huge size vegetation and trees that defy human intelligence. They testify of both high and low mountains. They bear witness to the fact that the very atmosphere is charged with, what would be considered a type of perfection. The temperature is controlled. It’s never too hot and never too cold.


The Central Sun has been called “The Smokey God” by the gentleman who with his son accidentally ventured into one of many of Earth’s openings. There is a book by the same name. They found nothing but warmth and friendship among the inhabitants. They also encountered what they term as “Giants.” These are the same people who rescued the airplane along with the crew, which was flown in by the late Admiral Byrd. He also, in his hidden documents, testify of the miracle of the “Central Sun.” The “Central Sun” is always covered by a cloud formation thus avoiding the harmful exposure to the inhabitants. He also found in the “Giants” to be extremely friendly and helpful in every way, shape, manner and form. The Admiral attempted to make his accounts known to the entire world but was silenced by the powers that were totally opposed to any such revelation made to the world. Therefore, his hidden diary contains the only evidence of his amazing adventure with the people who inhabit one portion of the Inner Earth. Sad to say, this diary is also criticized as being nothing but pure science fiction. But those who know better know the whole truth regarding this entire matter.


There are a great number of unusual inhabitants in the Inner Earth. They fall into various categories. Please let me list them. They are as follows:

1. Descendants (survivors) of the great flood.

As you know, much of the planet was completely covered by water following the events caused by the fountains of the deep rupturing and the windows of Heaven being opened. Bear in mind this was the first time in human history that water ever fell from the skies. Those who survived it by fleeing to the highest mountains entered certain caves deep within the very bowels of the Earth. They were called “Giants.” Some of them today are called by names such as Bigfoot, Yeti, the Abominable Snowman and also by other names.

2. Survivors of the Land of Quello.

These were those people who did not succumb to the evil rulers of their day. They were spared, along with a number of others who were transported to the planet Venus. They were considered faithful and true to the One Creator of the Universe. They are indeed a wonderful people who have never transgressed the perfect laws of Almighty God. They also possess many abilities that have been lost to mankind today as a direct result of the disobedience of Adam in the Garden of Eden

3. Interplanetary settlers.

These are those who have been sent to Earth at the direct command of Almighty God to assist mankind in every manner possible. They work in concert with the Commander and the other Angelic beings presently on Earth. As you already know, every person who is born on Earth is accompanied by at least two distinctive Angels. They are: a Guardian Angel and a Ministering Angel. Many times they are assisted by those of the Inner Earth because of the dangers which are facing human beings in this world. There are times when these particular beings issue invitations to people to enjoy a brief visit to the Inner Earth regions.

Records show that a great number of outer Earth dwellers have been granted permission to make their homes within the center of our planet. Of course, as our Bible states quite clearly that when the proper time arrives, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess Christ, of those in the Heavens, of those people on Earth and also those people UNDER the Earth. Make no mistake. The true worship of The Almighty will indeed be Universal.


Many eons ago, there was a war in the Heavens. Lucifer, who was then called the Son of the Morning, gathered to himself a number of Angels. One Third of the Heavenly Angels, to be exact. No one knows what that number truly is. They aligned themselves with Lucifer in an ambitious effort to defraud Almighty God. Of course, they were totally unsuccessful. As a result, Lucifer and his Angels were cast down INTO the planet Earth. Today, there exists a very narrow passageway, a corridor between the Heavens and the planet Earth. He is confined to this corridor. Lucifer makes frequent trips to the Throne of Almighty God for the purpose of accusing you, as a Child of God. Of course, he is quickly dismissed and told to mind his own business.


On Earth, these fallen Angels have taken on the form of small beings called “The Greys.” In some cases they appear very tall. They, being masters at counterfeiting, have built flying saucer objects in the shape of Bee Hives. They are very dangerous and have wreaked complete havoc on unsuspecting humans. They engage in kidnaping and abducting the people on earth. They should be exposed for what they are. This is one important reason why you should place the Rings of Fire completely around you every day that you live. They emit a very obnoxious odor. In brief, they stink to high heaven. They are to be completely avoided at all costs.


Here you have heard a summary of those interesting beings who inhabit the inner portions of planet Earth. Let me also relate to you that there exist many caves and caverns which lead into the Inner Earth regions. However, the two main entrances are at the openings which are at the North as well as the South poles. This is the way Admiral Byrd’s plane got caught in an unusual vortex, which disabled his plane and almost crashed into the interior. However, his life and those of his crew were saved. Please bear in mind that from time to time, people on the surface are invited to spend a brief time in the interior of this planet. When the time is right, perhaps you will be fortunate enough to be one of these privileged people. I guarantee this will be an experience, which you will never forget.

The lesson presented here is from a past seminar of the Inner Circle. You are invited to share this information with others, but kindly acknowledge copyright and keep this article intact.

Dr. Frank E. Stranges, NICUFO


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