Dr. Frank E. Stranges - The Twelve Affirmations


As workers in and of the Light, we have become aware of the Truth and the Power of the great "I AM."

"I AM is the Lord God of Creation who was, and who is and who shall always be the one true God, the mind, the very centre of the Universe..."

I AM is the vibrational essence which gives birth to all life and which exudes all Love, Light, Energy and Intelligence. All consciousness, worlds and matter lie inside this vibration. Therefore we, as co-creators, find ourselves enfolded in the very core of the great I AM. We are reminded that the most sublime gift given to humankind is free will. Consequently, we choose how we think, feel, create, act and react. If we consciously decide to live within the Perfection, Power and Truth of the great I AM then we have chosen well. Why? Because choice promotes action. If we admit that we are living in partnership with the I AM, the Divine Creator, then we illustrate to ourselves and to the outer world that we are following a path directed by our spirit—an exemplary life of all that is Good and Truthful.

We are asked to say the following affirmations with complete conviction, feeling the vibrational Truth within our minds, hearts and bodies. These are guidelines to balanced living and incite us to move forward with creativity and enthusiasm.

I AM Ambitious
I AM Compassionate
I AM Dependable
I AM Faithful
I AM Giving
I AM God’s Child
I AM Healed
I AM In Full Control
I AM Persistent
I AM Prosperous
I AM Progressive
I AM Successful


These affirmations originate with Dr. Frank E. Stranges and they are a part of the teachings given at the Inner Circle on Space, Science and Spirituality. The Inner Circle is an international group dedicated to action in Light. For more information on the Inner Circle, please consult www.nicufo.org


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