About Regiena Heringa

Regiena Heringa was born in The Netherlands and came to Canada as a youngster. She completed her university studies both in Canada and abroad and continues to this day to teach and counsel those with open minds and hearts who sincerely wish to follow the spiritual path. Regiena lives in the country near Wakefield, Québec, Canada. She is a meditator, enjoys the outdoors and is keen on music and splashing around with watercolour.

Regiena’s first physical contact with beings from other worlds occurred when, as a child, she was invited aboard a small, silvery craft to receive certain spiritual transformations. Later, she discovered that this spiritual initiation was brought about by distinguished beings from Venus.

Regiena continues to have both physical and light-radiance visitations from saintly beings living in higher vibrational planes and star systems. They encourage her desire to deepen her spiritual life and to share this sacredness with others on this planet.

Since 1993 Regiena has been receiving information of a spiritual and scientific nature from higher dimensions and in 2009 she started receiving the Notes from the Light.

#1 in the series “Light of the Worlds” watercolour by Regiena Heringa

For many years Regiena was a regular guest on a radio program dedicated to spiritual inquiry. She continues to this day to offer workshops, private consultations and guided meditations in English and in French to those wishing to deepen their spiritual journey.

Regiena believes that we are presently experiencing a tremendous spiritual energy which is being poured down to the earth by the magnificent Light of Christ Consciousness. She states: “ Our world is now assuming its greatest divine importance ever witnessed in earth’s history. Gently, we must remind ourselves that we are a unified whole of Love and Peace. We are asked to cultivate and live this unity so sweetly and so completely that together we become the pure and elegant outward expression of this majestically sacred God-Force wherein we all dwell.”


Photo courtesy of Marc Bélair

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