Regiena's Poetry

This Sacred Space

The space wherein you dwell is the space of divinity.
It is the space of soul and no other.
This precious space wherein you dwell is your true home.
It is the space of light and love.
It is the space which touches all.
It is the space of pure understanding and of compassion.

This is where your soul resides,
where the fountain of youth is eternal,
where the birds sing so sweetly and forever.
This is the space of heart and soul.
Feel this space tenderly with fingertip and with gratitude,
for you are the space
and you are in the space.

You are God
and you are in God.

In this manner you sleep forever
and in this manner you live forever.
'Tis the Light which guides
the Love which fills you up
and the touch of God on your hand which reminds you
that you are forever in this sacred space.
What is his is yours.
What is yours is ours
and what is ours is for everyone.

Touch the circle of light and love
and you touch the souls of all
for you are in the space of soul
in the space of divinity.
You are indeed in the face of God.


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