Poems for the Smiling Heart

The Sun and the Light (in honour of Diwali, the Festival of Lights)

© Photo courtesy of Zo Alschuler

I stood at the very top of the hill where the sun shone down.

“You are too bright,” I said, squinted and began to turn away.

“No,” said the sun. “I am not very bright.”

“Not very bright?” I frowned, unbelieving.

“No,” smiled the sun. “I can never be as brilliant as you.

Look inside and see how you shimmer.”

I did.

I opened my heart and my soul’s Light poured out far and wide, joyfully, finally freed.

It was all so bright that I had to squint.

But just before I did I saw a glittering, all-knowing Light that gently enfolded my world.

And the sun sang.


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