The World Within


Dear Great Willow, bending and protecting. Generations of sunfish have flitted through the wrinkled shallows of the river where your slender fingers still tap and linger. Your thick bark curves like silted furrows, catching up ants and beguiling butterflies.

I see that in your great age you have fissured and founded new life: pulled down by gravity yet shiny, newborn willows bursting from your heart, exalted, are pulled up into the sky. They ride on your curved back like small fish on a whale. What richness is found in the underpinnings of a generous life!

Life continually shifts on its foundation. One moment we think we know the world around us and the next we wonder where we are. What has changed?

We have. For one instant we have let go of the precious foundation that always brings new life—Love. Then we realize that thoughts and actions sprout, grow and mature well when they are firmly rooted in compassion, understanding and patience.

The hand I gently place on the shoulder that shakes with grief, and the butterfly that alights on the snippet of broken wood are both poised in this infinite God-Love that comforts us. Anchored in this exquisite foundation of life, we move forward.

Written and illustrated by Regiena Heringa



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