Biography of Dr. Frank E. Stranges - His background

There is a magnificent infusion of Spiritual energy that has begun to bathe us in a Light inciting us all to move into the Power and Love of the great "I AM." This can easily be considered the greatest movement in the history of our planet. As such, we are being asked from within to consciously participate in this tremendous awakening and, hand-in-hand with each other and with our planet, raise ourselves up into a greater Destiny of Divine expression. We are being asked to commit ourselves to living a life of Truth and Love. This is the path to greater fulfillment and perfection. It is also the philosophy of the Intergalactic Community.

No one knows this more than Dr. Frank E. Stranges. This erudite, holding degrees in Theology, Criminology and Psychology, has dedicated his life to the study of the Bible and other sacred texts in relationship to spiritual growth and understanding not only of our planet and its people, but also of those from other worlds. Since 1959 Dr. Stranges has physically met and conversed with our Friends from Venus and he continues to this day to enjoy their fellowship. It is in concert with the Divine Creator and with these wonderful Beings that Dr. Stranges teaches and guides others to a greater understanding of themselves and the universe. He leads the Inner Circle (an international group of like-minded individuals committed to strengthening world Light through action) and publishes a monthly newsletter titled The Inter-Space Link which promotes greater understanding of universal spirituality and unfolds information volunteered by our Space Friends.

In Remembrance

Dr. Frank E. Stranges, founder of NICUFO (National Investigations Committee on UFO’S), passed away on November 17, 2008 in California. Holding degrees in Theology, Psychology and Criminology, Dr. Frank always had a keen interest in the Bible and UFOS’ and dedicated his life to teaching and counseling people throughout the world to live in Divine Spirit. He offered a monthly newsletter, The Interspace Link and created the international "Inner Circle", where members benefitted from his spiritual teachings and information that he gathered from those of other worlds, especially those beings from the planet Venus.

In 1959 Dr. Frank had his first physical encounter with Commander Valiant Thor, a Venusian. This friendship was to deepen throughout Dr. Frank’s life on earth. His book, Stranger at the Pentagon (also available in Spanish under the title: Un extraterrestre en el Pentagono) explains the details of his encounters and Dr. Frank’s subsequent activities.

His most recent work was the making of a DVD trilogy entitled Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls Exposed. He often stated that the information contained within the Dead Sea Scrolls is of immense value to the public because it reveals the direct link between the words of Jesus and the existence of beings from other worlds.

One of Dr. Frank’s last sentences delivered to the Inner Circle before his passing was: "I will remain in His Service, from wherever I may be.”

May the winds of love continue to sweep you upwards, Dr. Frank.


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