Regiena Heringa - June 2023: Where We Belong

Hello to the world-wide Family of Light!

There is a vast order to the physical universe - galaxies, stars, flowers and seeds all in their right places, balancing, growing, expanding and nourishing. These creations are not isolated; they are linked. In truth, they are united through Light. From the most minuscule creatures found in our deepest oceans to the farthest and largest galaxies yet to be explored, there is a language that is coded by the Light of Creation.

Everything, from the microscopic to the macroscopic is created through this tremendously intelligent Light that holds codes which permeate and differentiate existence. In this manner, we observe that a star is not an elephant nor the moon a lake.

Within us there is a code of Light that directs us back to where we belong.

Where do we belong and how is this done?

Our origins lie within the very essence of the Creator of Life. Within us there is a pushing to go to a place of harmony, of peace and well-being. This is our soul directing us back to our celestial home where we belong.

This innate need to go further and deeper to become whole is found everywhere in creation, for creation itself continually uplifts all other creation. If you sense very carefully, you will understand from your soul that what seems to be outside of you is really inside of you. It is the same Light that makes all matter vibrate. All vibrates the intelligence of Divine Love’s Light that creates the material worlds. Although we are a physical structure, surrounded by a physical world, as we become aware of higher frequencies we realize that we are holy vibrations that emanate from our souls. We are vibrations of Light; our complete universe is Light vibration and we become the entire universe from the smallest particle in the deepest ocean to the farthest star. It is here that we experience true unity and it is here where we belong.

Let’s play.

Sit quietly in loving peace and close your eyes. Allow this loving peace to expand within you and, as it does, let go of your identity as a human being. Feel yourself as a beloved soul. Now, imagine a magnificent sphere of golden Light radiating from within your forehead, from the point between your eyebrows. This golden Light fills you up completely. Feel its peace and freedom and love. Surrender to this Light. Become one with it. You are now where you belong.

In Divine Friendship,

Regiena Heringa


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