Regiena Heringa - May 2023: The Radiance of Love

Hello to the worldwide Family of Light!

The radiance of Love, reflected in our souls by the Creator, is everywhere. It can be likened to the reflected light of the full moon that celebrates the sun’s presence upon our earth. This Love forever flows from within us, through us as well as to us. This is so because the inherent nature of all vibrating matter, be it a stone in the field or a star in a distant galaxy, is Love.

Everything in physicality is imbued with this Love because it is Love that brings forth the life-force energy in Creation. Each moment that we feel this sacred Love and consciously absorb It, we become one with Creation. We become Love itself and It fills us up completely. We even overflow with this Love and radiate It to others. This Love is perfect, beyond time and boundary and frees us, for we are made of this Love. We are the devoted expression of the Great Light of Creation. Love is our Home.

In this time of great transition we are asked to recognize and to use this Love that lives within us.

How do we do this?

We become aware of how this Love feels inside of us. Are we at peace? Are we filled with joy? Are we kind, patient, considerate and compassionate? These are some of our soul qualities that we nurture and demonstrate as expressions of Love. Because our souls are free of time and space—they are immortal, infinite, eternal—we experience freedom every moment that we express the qualities of our souls and radiate them. This how we help each other and the world.

The magnificent radiance of Love coming from many remarkable beings and worlds is now intensifying. This action is to help us to regain our footing and ensure our spiritual direction. With quiet heart and expansive mind we are invited to absorb these gifts of radiance from our star friends and from the Great Ones. We are asked to realize that Love forms the basis of our lives.

Let’s play.

Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes. Relax the body and mind. Feel peace. Gently bring forth the memory of a joyful experience. Re-live this experience and all its joy and feel your heart expanding. Now, let go of the actual experience and focus on the feeling of joy and on the expansion of your heart. Sense this joy increasing and Love intensifying. Let these marvellous feelings move through you freely and let them to flow out into the world. Enjoy this radiance; it is your soul speaking to you.

In Divine Friendship,

Regiena Heringa


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