Regiena Heringa - April 2023: Dimensional Shifting Through Thought (Part Two)

Hello to the worldwide Family of Light!

It was mentioned in the previous message (March 2023) that loving thought has a physical effect on all matter even at the sub-atomic level. To continue, I would like to quote the following information transmitted to me by a being from the stars:

Higher, refined thoughts created by your people come from an all-inclusive consciousness. This means a consciousness that englobes all people and all universes—a consciousness of one. The higher the thoughts, the greater the opportunity for your people to remain in a universal, cosmic consciousness that unites all life. Think of it this way: imagine that the Creator has woven a beautiful geometric web of Light around your planet. This web is directly linked to your soul’s awareness that you are a being of Light. Through loving thought, you connect to this beautiful web and at that instant you are connected all loving thought in all universes. This is so because the web extends outwards all directions, throughout and beyond all space and time. Understand, however, that this web also extends inwards to other realities.

We are not so far removed from your reality; we are simply a step higher in frequency. We have found a way to live every moment in harmony within and among ourselves. We have exchanged the ego for the soul. We have moved from selfishness to altruism. We have had to learn this just as you in your world are beginning to learn this.

It is through loving thought and action that we, the citizens of this world, strengthen the higher dimension where we already reside.

Let’s play.

Close your eyes, still the mind and feel peace. Create a loving thought. Repeat this thought several times out loud, then more quietly and finally repeat the thought mentally. Feel that you are being absorbed by the vibration of truth of this lovely thought and that you are becoming it. Sense that your bodily cells, vibrating to the frequency of your thought, merge into the energy field that surrounds your entire body. You are becoming Light essence. Now, become aware that you, as Light essence, are moving into an immense web of Light that includes the earth, the solar system, space, galaxies and universes. Live here the oneness of loving thought and the realization that you are in a higher dimension. Enjoy the experience!

In Divine Friendship,

Regiena Heringa


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