Regiena Heringa - March 2023: Dimensional Shifting Through Thought (Part One)

Hello to the worldwide Family of Light!

There are many dimensions in the material worlds, for everything can be measured, no matter how infinitely small and subtle or how infinitely large and obvious. Some dimensions are easily seen and touched and others are beyond the present comprehension of our citizens. Thought initiates a dimensional shift. The instant we create a noble thought and we allow the energy of that thought to influence every cell in our body, our vibration changes and we shift dimensions. Our blood, our heart, the electricity in our body: Everything within us is transformed when everything together experiences that one thought. In one moment of elevated thought we are brought into a more refined dimension where we can interact with other higher vibrational beings. The shift may be very subtle, but it is certainly there.

Like stringing pearls to make a necklace, we link one elevated thought to another and build physical, mental and spiritual lives that vibrate in oneness and that move us completely into the dimension of harmony where many other worlds and civilizations live. Our future is one of harmonious living for we are on an upward path and the destiny of our earth is to fully live this upward cycle.

There is much adversity on our planet because as the world moves upwards it generates friction. Friction creates heat and many hearts and minds are becoming hot and unstable, demonstrating an insatiable need for control. Historically, our earth has been a place of suppression and liberty—holding on and controlling and letting go and being free. However, our world is now moving towards the release of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical pressures so that freedom takes first place.

There is a tremendous transformation in the making and it is based on the creation and expansion of loving thought. Everything that absorbs the energy of elevated thought is changed at the sub-atomic level. We are asked, therefore, by higher frequency civilizations of deep spiritual intent to raise our thoughts so that we consciously shift our world to a more refined dimension.

Let’s play.

Close your eyes and feel peace flooding your heart, mind and body. Sit very still. In front of you imagine a large, white cloud in a blue sky. Create a loving thought. Say this thought quietly to yourself and sense your body absorbing its energy. Now, send your thought of love to the white cloud. As the cloud receives your thought, it radiates the energy of your thought to the entire sky and then the cloud slowly fades away. The blue sky is now completely clear and charged with the energy of your loving thought. Feel the sky pouring the energy of your thought of love down to the entire world.

In Divine Friendship,

Regiena Heringa

Part Two will be presented in April 2023


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