Regiena Heringa - February 2023: Encourage, Inspire, Elevate

Hello to the world-wide Family of Light!

When we lift a twig to allow an ant to pass freely, are we helping the ant? Would the insect have continued in the same direction regardless? Most probably. But in removing the obstructive object the path becomes easier for the insect. It also becomes easier for us. Why? Because in helping the ant we exercise the soul quality of kindness. In assisting any life, be it insect, human or other, we are elevated to a more refined place. In helping the world we lift up the universe.

We are well aware that all vibratory matter however minuscule is created from and bathes in the infinite force of Love. The moment we employ such soul qualities as kindness, compassion and patience we become one with the divine vibratory essence of creation. We move into pure sacred frequency: pure Light and pure Love. We are home.

Upon our earth an exquisitely high frequency continues to flow and fill everyone and everything up. Celestial beings and star friends are helping in this current of superlative energy that is being poured down from above and being pulled up from within us all. However, our free will cannot be touched. If we desire to be a part of this magnificent spiritual resonance of renewal we simply open up our hearts and minds to a more refined way of thinking, being and doing.

Gradually, we discover that our consciousness is being magnified and expanded. We begin to see through time and space and catch glimpses of other lifetimes. We open to vast worlds of Light and to deeper understanding. We comprehend our origins as divinely created beings who dwell in the vastness of sacred creation. Knowing this, we deepen our relationship with our Divine Creator and elevate ourselves and all life on our Planet Earth. In this manner we ready ourselves to enjoy fellowship with many gracious other-dimensional civilizations that also encourage, inspire and elevate us.

Let’s play.

Close your eyes and still quietly in peace. Let this loving peace wash over you and let it be absorbed by all the atoms in your body. Open your awareness and feel a celestial presence within and around you. Surrender to this presence and feel a marvellous energy of love and fellowship filling you up. Sense that this pure, sacred frequency radiating from this presence encourages you to move deeper into your soul. Now, see yourself encouraging and inspiring others throughout the world.

Increasingly, as we awaken and grow we realize that humankind is of divine kind.

In Divine Friendship,

Regiena Heringa


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