Regiena Heringa - January 2023: Love and Multidimensionality

Hello to the world-wide Family of Light!

Every atom, even the smallest particle of vibrating matter is imbued with this universal and cosmic force of Love. There are multiple waves of energy in our material world and universe that manifest, among others, the vibrational patterns of sound, light and colour which encourage the communication between us as world citizens and between ourselves and beings of higher frequencies. This communication can be obvious or subtle. No matter how loud the sound or how dim the colour, the force inside all vibration—the force that creates vibration—is Love.

Nothing remains static in the material universe; our world is continually flowing in and out of other dimensions.

The inherent gesture of life is to advance, to move upwards. Life holds an intrinsic, elevated pattern because its inner power of Love naturally lifts life up and back into the initial force of Creation. Our free will is the director of our destiny. As we elevate our thoughts, our vibration becomes purer and we easily move into a more refined dimension.

Not all dimensions are as physical as our Planet Earth. The higher, finer frequencies of other worlds and beings easily intersect with our planetary dimension and support those citizens in our world who desire to advance.

Other worlds of great spiritual intent are as close to us as the air we breathe. In truth, they lie within us. We are first and foremost creations of this infinite divine Light and Love that permeates all existence. We are, therefore, identical to all other beings, worlds, dimensions and universes. Consider this image: When you look upon an expanse of water, you observe a bird sitting on its surface, a fish swimming in it and plants growing up from the ground. Multiple expressions of life are experienced in the same environment, all vibrating to the force of Love that brings life into being, lifts it up and carries it home again. All of existence is one.

Let’s play.

Close your eyes and imagine that you are sitting inside a beautiful pink rose. The perfume and elegance of this flower fills you up. Feel the softness of the petals. A perfect, loving peace flows through you. Gradually become conscious of your gentle heart beat and feel that the rose is beginning to pulsate to the quiet rhythm of your heart. Enjoy the coming together of these two pulsations. Now, let go of the idea of you as a body and the idea of the rose as a flower. What have you become? You have become a pulsation of Love. You are in a higher dimension, a more refined frequency filled with Love, beauty and peace. You have been elevated.

Because we are constantly shifting in thought and action, we are asked to ground ourselves in this infinite and eternal Love that continually creates dimensions and universes. Living with wide heart and mind is our passport to realms of exquisite frequency where we delight in the fellowship of our star friends and the Great Ones.

In Divine friendship,

Regiena Heringa


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