Regiena Heringa - December 2022: The Force of Goodness

Hello to the world-wide Family of Light!

The desire to lift up the heart and mind to a nobler place is a natural movement, an innate expression of the human spirit. Within all of us lies a great force to do good. On occasion this force may seem obscure, hidden from us, but there comes a time when this power of goodness becomes so strong that it overrides the forces that are rooted in the ego and hold us back from spiritual development.

In our world, there is an upward pull bringing joy and freedom and a downward pull bringing helplessness and confinement. Yet there is a loving coherence within all living things, whether it be the grain of sand, the plant in the field or the bird in the sky. This coherence which demonstrates the intelligence in matter, houses a binding force of goodness that leads all existence to higher understanding and fulfillment.

Consider your own life. Experience the joy that is given to you the moment you act with goodness. In that one moment you have been lifted up; you have transformed not only your own life, but the lives of those around and beyond you. Every thought that you think, every action that you take, every noble feeling that you have: These expressions are the outpouring of this marvellous, infinite and all-powerful force of good, the true language spoken by awakening humanity and by our dear, evolving Planet Earth.

We are to be reminded that the purpose of the force of goodness is to transform and advance all life; the elevation of material worlds and universes is natural and continual.

Our star friends ask us to contemplate the following: Where are we going as individuals and as citizens of Planet Earth?

The attraction for goodness within us is very strong. Why? Because we realize we are souls directly created from this divine force of goodness which is our spiritual identity. We are encouraged to live in this sacred state and enjoy the harmony between being and doing.

Let’s play.

With your eyes closed, feel peace and expansion in your heart. Let go of the idea of personal identity and become aware that you are particles of Light. Sense that all the various creations in the world are also forms of Light—the water, the trees, the rock and people and animals—everything has become structures of Light. Now, feel inside all of these Light forms, including yourself, a tremendous power of loving kindness. Surrender to this. Dissolve into this Light and into this goodness. Become one with this force of goodness and let its loving power saturate you.

The more we act with tenderness and compassion in our world, the more we are filled up with this inner force of goodness and the more we are refreshed and renewed.

In Divine fellowship,

Regiena Heringa


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