Regiena Heringa - November 2022: Contribution

Hello to the Family of Light!

As we look upon our world we observe the many contributions that help evolve and transform it. Lakes contribute to the health of plant and animal; soil contributes to the growth of trees and ants, and our loving thoughts and actions contribute to the harmonious development of the people on our Planet Earth. Our gentle thoughts and actions also contribute to our continuing divine fellowship with higher dimensions and worlds that lie beyond us and, in truth, that also lie within us.

How often do we contemplate the contributions that we make to individuals and societies? How often do we gratefully acknowledge and use the talents and abilities that we have been given in this lifetime for the betterment of all?

As our world, through its language of harmony, love and peace, moves upwards to expand into greater Light we, as universal citizens, also expanding, are asked to reflect on how well we contribute to the welfare of others.

In the higher planes, in the more evolved and developed societies of our star friends for example, contributing to the advancement of life is automatic because this gesture is a natural act from the heart. Our inherent way of living is also from the heart for we realize that Love is the voice of the soul. As we increasingly turn our lives towards all that is good, we perceive that our contributions, lovingly given to others, are noble and fulfilling.

Let’s play.

Close your eyes and breathe in peace and love. Imagine that you are sitting comfortably in a lovely, flowering field. All the blossoms in the field are shining jewels and they are all being offered to you. As you admire this beautiful setting, your heart naturally opens up even more. Now, recall in your life a contribution that you made to help another person or situation. Re-live this experience as clearly as you can in gratitude and feel a wonderful sense of soul fulfillment in doing so. Now, look into the field of precious stones and choose the jewel that you feel represents perfectly the feeling of the contribution that you have just relived. Savour the unity between your experience and the precious stone you have chosen. What quality of your soul did you express here? Perhaps it was love, patience, encouragement, wisdom, generosity or compassion. Continue on, re-living another experience of helping others and choose the appropriate precious stone. As you collect these sparkling jewels, hold them close to your heart.

When we give freely, the heart expands, the mind is at rest and the soul is fulfilled.

In Divine fellowship,

Regiena Heringa


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