Regiena Heringa - October 2022: On the Wings of Light

Hello to the Family of Light!

Divine Light can take on many forms in the physical world. It can appear as orbs, large and small and as multicoloured ribbons traversing space and time. It can become visible as scintillating forms of particles shaped to the human being. This sacred Light can appear in any manner when It wishes to offer to those of open hearts and minds certain teachings, greater understanding and loving comfort.

We know full well that before our physical bodies are manifested we are clothed in Light. This Light form becomes covered up as the human body emerges. All material life on this planet is enveloped in Light. Every form, no matter how tall, short, small, large, thick or thin, holds the construct of Light inside its physical shape. A droplet of water physically changes as it freezes, but its essence remains constant.

As we dedicate to living each moment in Love, we realize that our soul—the pure image of the Creator within—directs us to a higher mind of Love and Oneness. When we live in this sacred higher mind we discover that it is this magnificent boundless mind that directs the inner Light of our physical bodies so that they can be lifted up to more refined frequencies. Gradually and joyfully, we accustom ourselves to living in these higher vibrations, increasingly experiencing a freer heart and mind. We begin to use our wings of Light.

We deliberately choose to move away from chaos in order to lead lives of harmony and peace. This choice we feel inside our very beings and this harmony and peace we radiate to the world. We declare that which we already are: wondrous forms of Divine Light.

Let’s play.

Imagine in front of your closed eyes, a gracious golden ribbon of Light that starts at your feet and lifts up into the sky, out into the universe and beyond. At the same time imagine that your physical body is becoming less dense and gradually changes into its form of Light. Take a moment to feel this transformation and then gently mould yourself, the Light form that you now are, into a beautiful, shining bird. You become this marvellous bird of Light and you experience boundless freedom and joy. Now, using your wings of Light, fly into this golden ribbon of Light and allow it to lift you up and away into the beauty of the cosmos. Feel here sacred expansion—Oneness and Love. Feel here peace and fulfillment. Know that you are home.

In Divine Friendship,

Regiena Heringa


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