Regiena Heringa - September 2022: Soul-Centred Living and Help from the Stars

Hello to the Family of Light!

There is a natural, universal movement ensuring that life is continually lifted up to a greater expression of itself. This can be called the expansion of life. We can imagine life’s origin as a single point of Light filled with the Divine creative force of Love, moving outwards into our physical world and touching all existence. We are to remember that within every particle of matter, be it a rock, an insect or a human, love, light and intelligence vibrate.

We expand the moment we realize that our life’s foundation is our soul, the inner reflection of the Divine Presence. Then our only desire is to consciously live in expressions of love and we begin to move upwards. As we progress, we spend more time exploring the goodness found in our souls and less time on the demands of the ego. We let go of an ego-centred life and become soul-centred beings.

It is well known that our friends from the stars live in a high vibratory state because their very lives are firmly established in Divine Love. They continually and harmoniously expand in knowledge and exploration, forming and maintaining peaceful societies and interacting with other advanced civilizations in similar manner. They live in love, they share in love, they teach and guide with love: They are soul-centred beings. And we are invited to join them.

We are asked to live in a similar fashion and, as soul-centred beings, use our gifts and talents to create a peaceful Planet Earth. We are being assisted, for help is indeed coming from the stars. However, to become a part of these higher frequency communities, we need to demonstrate our willingness to live in the ways of the soul and to develop awareness of the caring presence of our star friends.

Let’s play.

Close your eyes and choose a quality from your soul such as compassion, patience, generosity or any other quality which expresses love. As an example, let us select the quality of compassion. Fill your mind, body and heart with the deep feeling of compassion so that you are completely absorbed in this quality. Allow yourself to become compassion and then radiate this quality outwards. Now, become aware of the air surrounding your body. Place your awareness in this air and sense beings of exquisite vibration who are radiating compassion to you! Enjoy this connection of radiance, fellowship, unity, love and gratitude.

We are asked to live soul-centred lives and to encourage others who also wish to live in higher, finer frequencies. We are invited by our star friends to develop our awareness and realize how much we are cherished and lovingly guided.

In Divine fellowship,

Regiena Heringa


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