Regiena Heringa - August 2022: Our Inner Environment

Hello to the Family of Light!

Our inner environment is created through thought and feeling—mind and emotions. When you observe a scene of beauty such as the brilliance of a sunrise, you are completely engaged in this scene. Your thoughts and feelings say, “Oh, this is so beautiful!” You are in peace and harmony, connected and immersed in the vibration of the Cosmic Spirit. Your inner environment is firmly fixed to the one, sacred frequency of the Creator.

After admiring the sunrise, as our minds become immersed in daily tasks, we turn away and forget this moment of union. We distance ourselves once again from this inner soul experience of divine oneness. Yet it is in this very moment of oneness that we experience the real, true way of living.

It has been said that we are immersed in the vibration of a great dispensation, a falling through from up high of exquisitely refined frequencies of new life that tremble with Love and touch every atom in all creation including the plants, animals and hearts and minds of all humankind. In truth these marvellous energies are bubbling up from within our own sacred selves.

How can we best access the inner flow of these elegant frequencies? By preparing our divine selves to receive them so that we can fully become one with Light and fully acknowledge our origin, our heritage and our truth as beings of Light within the very breath of God.

Let’s play.

Imagine you have a drop of water in front of your closed eyes. See the clarity, the pure transparency and perfection of this drop. It shimmers quietly in rainbow colours. Feel its beauty, peace and expansiveness and sense these identical qualities within you. As you do this, you feel a vibrational connection—a resonance—between your inner self and this drop of water. When you sense that both you and the water are vibrating to the same frequency, ask the water droplet to come into you. Enjoy this union of peace, beauty and expansion.

When we open up to our sacred inner environment, we begin to live it consciously in the outside world. We speak lovingly, we think lovingly, we vibrate lovingly and fill the world and universe with the radiance of goodness. We become emissaries of Divine radiance; we attract and absorb these marvellous, celestial outpourings of exquisite frequencies that are being sent to us. These vibrations increase our knowledge, understanding and compassion and help us on our sacred journey back to the Source.

In Divine fellowship,

Regiena Heringa


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