Regiena Heringa - July 2022: Living Our Divine Origins

Hello to the Family of Light!

It is common knowledge that we live in a world of duality on Planet Earth. In our hearts and minds there is a pushing and pulling: our desire to move forwards and upwards and an inner resistance not to do so. This pulling one way and pushing another way happens naturally in our material world but it does not happen naturally in our sacred essence. Our sacred essence - our soul - remains forever perfectly poised and firmly anchored in the perfect energy of Divine Light and Love. There is where our true, natural environment lies.

All material creation is composed of light. Over time we have forgotten this truth and we have increasingly focused our attention on the dense physical body, forgetting that the physical body is a magnificent structure composed of light energy. We are dancing particles of light, exquisite waves of love and colour, sound and intelligence inside the very Source of all creation.

The time has come to awaken to our true origins. How do we rediscover them and how do we go about living them?

We rediscover our divine origins by living in Divine Love. The moment we are filled up with this Love we are reconnected to our inner being. Love is the environment and the language of our soul. When we express Love, the ego moves away and the soul takes first position returning to its primal sacred state within the whole of existence. We remember who we are. We reclaim our divine origins. We delight in being in peace, in the expansion of our minds and hearts, and in our gifts which we develop and use to help our world and ourselves. We delight in the fellowship of goodness and in the sharing of creative genius.

Let’s play.

In front of your closed eyes imagine a field of fresh grass. Fill yourself up with the feelings of beauty, peace and grace coming from this grass. Now, choose to focus on one blade of grass and imagine that it is becoming transparent. As you look inside this blade of grass you see it is constructed of thousands of particles of light, shining in the various colours of the rainbow, all dancing harmoniously together. Sense yourself expanding in this beauty and intelligence. Imagine now that a shimmering butterfly, also constructed of light particles, is moving towards the shining blade of grass. It does not land on this grass; it moves into it. This blade of grass and the butterfly have become one: light particles merging with light particles and creating a whole. Surrender to the feeling that you, too, are light and that you are becoming one with the grass and the butterfly. Here you are experiencing your divine origin as Light inside the Oneness of all Creation.

The material world is not the solid world that it seems. It is made up of different rates of vibration. When we live as sacred beings we are lifted up to higher, brighter dimensions of wondrous frequency.

There are a great many people presently on our earth who have been lifted up. They have intentionally chosen to live in these exquisite frequencies of Divine Light and Love. Today, with the help of numerous beings from the stars and from other universes and dimensions, we are being assisted to live in this same revered way. All we need do is to deepen daily our times of sacred silence that connect us to our divine origins and to live increasingly in Love, Light and gratitude.

The sunflower, by its very nature will forever turn its gentle head to the light.

In Divine fellowship,

Regiena Heringa


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