Regiena Heringa - June 2022: The Return Home

Hello to the Family of Light!

Inside each of us there is a revered plan for our soul to return to its Creator. There comes a point in some lifetime when the soul awakens and is attracted to sacred Love and Light. This attraction pulls the soul increasingly towards the centre of the Divine Source. What is this pull of birds and fish and other animals to return to their original nesting places to give birth once again? This pull is innate, buried in the very nature of life.

When we ask the question, “Who am I?” an opening of consciousness occurs. Simply in asking this question our awareness automatically expands.

First and foremost we are souls saturated in Divine Light, pulsating the perfect, divine force called Love. The soul seems clothed by the body but it is not covered up by the body. It constructs the body and it shines through it. When we acknowledge that the answer to the question: “Who am I?” is “I am a soul, bathing in sacred vibration, free from the obstruction of the material world,” then our great awakening begins. We become aware that we are souls and our greatest wish is to return home to be with our Divine Source. In truth, our souls are not outside this Divine Creative Force; they lie forever within It.

Let’s play.

With eyes closed, imagine you are looking into the centre of our star—the sun. Feel its radiance and allow the brilliance of the sun’s light to become as strong as you can comfortably absorb. Notice how your body increasingly relaxes as it is bathed in this imaginary sunlight. Now, let go of this image and visualize every cell in your body as a twinkling particle of light. Take a moment to feel this. Then place your attention in the centre of your forehead, between your eyebrows. Imagine here a gentle ball of white light. Let this sphere glow and expand. Notice that the particles of light in the cells of your body are familiar with this sphere of light and they happily sparkle to its radiance. The divine light coming from your forehead recognizes the light particles in your body and the dancing light particles in your body recognize the brilliant light in your forehead. In this recognition they become one light. As you sense this unity, feel sacredness moving through you. This heavenly feeling transcends all time and space and for a moment you have consciously returned home to your Divine Source.

Our star friends who are guiding our steps to a higher understanding and way of life, reside in refined vibrational worlds because they live perpetually in this divine Home. Here they create, develop, and evolve to even higher planes of perception and ability. They have understood that the way to spiritual and scientific advancement is through the recognition that all souls are a sacred and integral part of the Creator’s Love and Light.

We are also beginning to comprehend this.

As the hand opens, the heart expands, the soul thrills in its divinity and we return home.

In Divine fellowship,

Regiena Heringa


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