Regiena Heringa - May 2022: Scattering and Gathering Seeds of Light

Hello to the Family of Light!

The wind picks up seeds and sand from one region and deposits them in other areas of our world. We may think that things belong only in one location—each in its proper place within its proper boundary—but this is not so. The sand blows from a desert in the east and settles down on houses in the west. The oranges that we savour in a wintry climate come from distant warmer lands.

The love that we cherish and the uplifting thoughts that we create hold no boundary. Through intention and radiance we scatter this love and these caring thoughts into our world like seeds of light. In return we gather in the love and good intentions of others. Here, minds and hearts are opened and souls are nourished; we are elevated to a more elegant frequency.

Our World Family of Light welcomes this scattering out and gathering in of light seeds from a powerful radiance of higher vibrational planes—those of our star friends and divine beings—that continually permeates our Planet Earth. Even in this present chaos you are discovering that it is becoming increasingly easier to sense and acknowledge these exquisite frequencies that enter us and that move up from within us.

We presently have the opportunity to be strengthened by these light seeds by anchoring them in our identity as divine, infinite souls forever expanding in love and understanding.

Let’s play.

With closed eyes imagine that you are surrounded by a multitude of heavenly stars, all scattered around your body. Sense peace, sacredness and infinity in these stars. Feel these same qualities inside of you. Savour this moment. Now, as you feel this connection between the essence of the stars and yourself, with your imagination pull the stars into your heart and soul. Gather them in and feel this delightful coming together of peace, sacredness and infinity. Do this again by replacing the stars with thousands of beings of light. Feel their sacred qualities and make them your own. Gather these light beings into your divine essence. Notice how you, as soul, are exceedingly happy in this experience. Enjoy this lovely contact.

What we send out to the world is taken in by others. We are invited to scatter our light seeds of loving, encouraging thoughts to the world and to gather in the many luminous seeds that are travelling towards us and that are sprouting within us. This is how we become expanded beings ready for greater understanding, unfoldment and contact.

In Divine fellowship,

Regiena Heringa


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