Regiena Heringa - April 2022: Unfolding

Hello to the Family of Light!

As you move your attention from the outer to the inner world, you realize that all becomes more refined, less obvious yet all important. For example, if you look at an apple, you observe its outer skin, then its inner flesh, then its little seeds. From within these seeds cells, atoms, smaller particles and subatomic movement can be detected.

Everything before its actual physical manifestation is founded on a common denominator: Love and Light energy. From this common platform a current of great intelligence unfolds and differentiates this energy into specific physical forms. Thus, the flower comes from the same origin as our fingers and the bird that flies above us. We are all a part of this magnificent unfolding of Love and Light energy that is condensed into individual, tangible forms, and we need only to become consciously aware of this. How? By surrendering and unfolding.

Let’s play.

In the quiet, allow a great peace and love to well up from within you. Savour this inner joy. Imagine now that you are wearing seven heavy coats. Feel the weight of these coats and realize they are pulling you down, distracting you from your feeling of peace. Now, slowly take off a coat. Immediately you feel lighter and freer and sense the love inside you strengthening. Take off another coat and then another. With the removal of each layer you are increasingly liberated. Finally, you take off the very last coat and you know you are free, shining completely in this inner love and joy.

If you look at your past, you realize you have already eliminated useless layers that have pulled you down. You have already begun to experience your unfoldment because you have freed up different layers of thought, action and feelings that have prevented you from living completely in this sacred Love and Light energy.

A tremendous awakening and unfoldment to this sacred energy is presently taking place upon our Planet Earth for us to experience and share. There are great numbers of beings of high frequency from planets, dimensions, worlds and beyond, who are here to help us. They ask us to rid ourselves of those thoughts and actions that hold us down. They ask us to open our hearts and minds so that our spiritual vibrations can be lifted up to the vibrational patterns of our star friends and other great beings and masters.

We are invited to unfold to an infinite world of peace, harmony and fellowship.

In Divine fellowship,

Regiena Heringa


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