Regiena Heringa - March 2022: The Gravitational Pull of Thought

Hello to the Family of Light!

In our physical world we observe that everything has a gravitational pull: the moon on the earth, the sun on the solar system, and black holes on surrounding light and star dust. This gravitational pull can be strong and resilient to preserve a certain order in the universe. We can go even further and explore the gravitational pull of thought.

Imagine that a thought is like a tennis ball. You throw the ball, it hits a wall, affects the wall and bounces back. When this ball is then examined on a subatomic level we realize that is it not exactly the same ball. In the ball’s experience of being thrown out, of touching the wall and returning, its energy composition, however minute, has altered. The ball and its environment have changed because of the experience.

Thought has a gravitational pull that changes both the environment it touches and itself. Let’s say you see a delicate snowflake. You think: this is so beautiful! Your thought of admiration increases the vibration of the snowflake. This caring thought also creates a gravitational force that pulls the heightened frequency of the snowflake into your own inner vibration and transforms it.

The more elevated the thought, the more refined its vibration and the greater the pull to uplift itself and its surroundings whether they are close by or far away.

When we realize that matter is composed of thought, we become aware of the tremendous influence we have on the transformation of our world. Through kind thought we acknowledge the innate beauty and intelligence of life. Through kind thought we create a gravitational pull that changes us and our world. We and our world then take our respectful places in the universe and gladly join with other civilizations of higher frequencies.

Let’s play.

Imagine that you are standing in the middle of a very comfortable room. On each wall there is a large window that lets in an exquisite white light. Select the light of one window. Intend that the light you have chosen represents Love. Now, think of a colour that you feel represents Love. When you have a colour in mind, create thoughts that link Love and the chosen colour such as: This colour (name the colour you have chosen) is beautiful. It is filled with Love. It is peace. It is pure radiance. As you create these thoughts, begin to feel a gravitational pull. The white light begins to change to the colour you have chosen as it is “pulled” and modified by your elevated thought. Notice too how the actual thoughts you have created are also charged with a higher vibration.

We are reminded that the greatest gravitational pull of all is the innate attraction of the soul to its Creator—Light to Light, Love to Love. This attraction increases moment by moment when we realize that our world is being pulled upwards into a higher frequency, into a purer, simpler frequency of love, peace and wisdom all leading to planetary and universal friendship.

Knowing that our thoughts influence our inward and our outward lives, we have a unique opportunity to create a world of compassion and enlightenment.

In Divine fellowship,

Regiena Heringa


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