Regiena Heringa - February 2022: Constructing a New Reality

Hello to the Family of Light!

We are given the opportunity to create a new reality in our hearts, minds and in our world.

We are beginning to realize that the time has come to construct a new way of living. We recognize that the world wherein we live can only celebrate its glory if it is built and imbued with the spiritual qualities that we all possess the moment we are born on this planet. These qualities—the many elegant expressions of Love—become the foundation for our physical existence. The power of an atom, a nation, a world, is founded on the sacred and all encompassing energy that emanates from our souls which are emissaries of Divine Light.

We are each asked to contemplate the following: How well do I love? Is the love that I have and hold a selfless love bringing forth the beauty of my soul? A love without boundary or condition? How open is my mind? Is it free from prejudice? Does it soar in love and reverence for all life? If I create a community, will I build it on thoughtfulness and mutual respect?

Let’s play.

Imagine in front of your closed eyes a doll’s house. The entire structure of this house vibrates to a pure, perfect spiritual frequency. Using your imagination, place your awareness inside this exquisite frequency that has created the entire doll’s house. Stay here for a moment to absorb a deep, loving connection to this Source. Let yourself be filled with the feelings of Love, peace, freedom, mindfulness, kindness and sacred, absolute intelligence.

As you continue to absorb and to enjoy this spiritually vibrating structure of the entire doll’s house, you realize that there are many rooms here each representing a facet of world society. For example, one room may be dedicated to science, another to financial affairs, another to health, another to education, another to the arts and so forth. As you continue to root yourself in the magnificent all-encompassing frequency of the doll’s house, choose a room and enter it. Now, with your imagination, awareness and intention lift up its mandate to its spiritual excellence. For example, in the science room lift up its mandate by intending that all research and discoveries in this room are noble, directed to the betterment of all humankind. In the financial affairs room lift up its mandate by intending that world resources are shared equally among all. In the education room lift up its mandate by intending that people learn, grow and offer gracious service to others through the harmonious development of their gifts and interests.

More and more illumined individuals of like minds and hearts are gathering upon our Planet Earth. There is now a great assembly of people vibrating to a more elegant and elevated frequency. This frequency is being sung as a majestic hymn of joy to all atoms and to all hearts on earth, and to all beings of the many dimensions and worlds who have accompanied us for a very long time. They rejoice to know that we are becoming accustomed to living in this higher vibration and that we are inviting all humankind to join us.

This is the great transition: We are living now in the majestic flow of divine goodness that is penetrating every molecule of every living thing upon our earth. We now smooth out the earth’s turbulence by showering all parts of our societies with sacred intent. We unfold to the inner splendour of our cosmic, spiritual heritage and lift life up to a finer, nobler reality.

In Divine fellowship,

Regiena Heringa


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