Regiena Heringa - January 2022: The Soul’s Sense of Purpose

Hello to the Family of Light!

Buried in your soul lies a sense of purpose to your life. Once you discover this, you awaken and realize that it is your soul that has filled your life with meaning. You discover that the energy used to uncover your soul’s purpose has always been pouring through you, only you were not aware of it. The reasons for this pouring out of spiritually based energy are two-fold: to awaken us and to encourage us to grow, develop and consciously live the true sense of our life’s purpose on earth.

Life in all worlds and dimensions is connected. You might say that, from our perspective, the many and various realities are folded inside each other and merge into one infinite point of sacred vibration. This may seem foreign to our present planetary notion of time and space. However, as we progress to a higher frequency, our consciousness expands and we begin gradually to comprehend that physical life is created from a great Light that vibrates inside the basic “building block” called Love.

If we consider that all life is vibrationally interconnected, we realize that the thought we create affects all existence, including our own. Therefore, when you send kind thoughts outwards you are also sending them inwards to yourself and when you encourage others in their growth, you are encouraging yourself!

How do we tap into the sense of purpose that awaits us within our souls?

Let’s play.

Imagine that on the ground in front of you there is a collection of exquisite, sparkling precious stones. They all supposedly represent your soul’s sense of purpose and they all want to be picked up. However, in this game you can only select one stone. How do you choose?

First, quiet the mind and expand your heart, paying little attention to the actual images of the stones. Then in this stillness and through your awareness, sense the inner vibration of each stone—its essence. Through this sensing, you become attracted to a particular stone because it encourages within you a marvellous sense of accomplishment rooted in goodness, peace and well-being. This chosen stone reminds you of your deepest desire to move increasingly into a feeling of rightness perhaps even into a sense of an adventure in the Light! When you pick up your stone, you realize you have selected it because it is based on the very qualities of your soul which houses multiple expressions of Love, including harmony, peace, divine fellowship, and elevation to more refined frequencies.

When we recognize and develop our soul qualities, we are automatically directed to our life’s purpose. The actual physical service we give for the spiritual benefit of others may change from time to time, but the soul qualities within us remain steady and continue to be our foundation for purpose and direction.

We are asked to remember that the magnificent radiance of love and encouragement from higher vibrational worlds and dimensions continues to be sent to us all. This radiance will not fade or stop. It will increase for it is a gift given to all who follow the sacred direction of the soul.

In Divine fellowship,

Regiena Heringa


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