Regiena Heringa - December 2021: The Power of the Invisible

Hello to the Family of Light!

The fragrance of the rose that drifts unseen through the atmosphere, the loving wave of the greeting hand that moves the air, the thoughts of goodness and gratitude that radiate from our minds into the universe: These are all invisible movements of peace and power.

There is more activity on the invisible plane than on the physical plane as observed by the naked eye, such as the profusion of minute particles that constantly move through our bodies and our planet.

The Love that we radiate throughout the world may be invisible, but its power is overwhelming and can even change molecular structure.

In nurturing and experiencing higher, nobler thought—thought submerged in Love—we move to a purer and more powerful vibration, where we experience a wonderful interaction between this vibration and physical matter. We think that from our higher frequency physical matter has changed, but it hasn’t. It has simply unveiled to us its principal compositions of love, light, sound and thought.

When we vibrate within this sacred frequency, we recognize that our perception of the material world has shifted. Through our eyes of heightened observation and through our hearts of heightened awareness, we experience and live in a finer vibrational state of physicality. Here we may see through dense matter and perceive its finer construction of light and intelligence. Here a more elegant vibration of life is revealed to us.

Why is this information important? It helps us to understand that it is the power of the invisible, sacred world that affects and elevates our physicality. It helps us realize that the radiance of Love in our world is essential to bring us together and to raise all life to more harmonious vibrations. In this way we enjoy fellowship with each other here on earth and with the many elevated beings in other worlds and dimensions.

Let’s play. Send out a loving thought to the world and imagine that the colour of that thought is blue. Now imagine that you are walking inside this very colour blue. In fact, you are walking inside your own thought! Can you feel the frequency of the fine thought that you have created? Can you sense the energy of your thought passing through and transforming all matter, including people’s minds and hearts? This is the power of invisible.

Let us always remember the power of the invisible. Let us remember that through Love and Its radiance we influence, change and elevate our world and every heart within it. Here lies the grand, common denominator that unites us and that moves all of creation to a more exquisite frequency.

In Divine fellowship,

Regiena Heringa


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