Regiena Heringa - November 2021: The Coming Together of the Families of Light

Hello to the Family of Light!

There is a natural pull of all good things to come together in a stable and lasting fashion.

We see confusion in this world as it is pushed back and forth and pulled up and down. Chaos, by its very nature, cannot create harmony. It eventually crumbles and falls because it cannot lift itself up to the noble environments of love, peace and good will.

There are a great number of inhabitants upon this good earth who are awakening and who are awakened to the destiny of this planet which is expanded consciousness, loving kindness and all-embracing understanding. These souls of Light, in physical bodies, encircle this globe hand in hand, mind in mind and heart in heart. These are the families of Light to which we belong. Observing this transformation of humankind, many elevated beings of other dimensions and worlds are becoming increasingly present. You may see them and/or feel their radiance. They send forth love, strength and encouragement. They ask us to gather.

We are witnessing a remarkable event: the coming together of worlds of Light. What does this mean for us?

We have begun to understand that we have always been accompanied, encouraged and cherished by other beings of exquisite vibration. With our permission, they link into our hearts and minds and we surrender to this. We are experiencing the coming together of like minds and hearts to create an environment of high frequency based on pure Love, which, in turn, begins to demonstrate what we perceive as miracles.

We are asked to consider the following: are we ready to completely surrender to the language of our souls? This is to say, will we consciously keep our hearts and minds at all times on this great inner Spirit that holds us in Light? If so, we are both creating and living in this new world.

The bee has its flower, the bird has its nest, the fish its water and we have this marvellous Divine Light within our souls.

Let’s play. Close your eyes, open your heart and allow peace and joy to flood in. Feel reverence for all life. Now allow images or feelings to come to you of people or events or Light itself, that radiate this peace, joy and reverence. Notice that with each image and feeling you create an inner, happy environment that is a reflection of your soul’s Light.

Realizing we are Light, we awaken to a higher frequency and we become increasingly attracted to people and situations that inspire us and remind us of our divine origins. We intentionally gravitate towards families of Light, be they local, planetary, universal or cosmic. We deliberately choose to expand and deepen our connection to this marvellous vibratory pattern of boundless Love which moves through all barriers of time and space. Here we consciously join countless families of Light from our Earth and from other dimensions and worlds. Here we know that, as wonderfully awakened souls, we are playing a crucial role in this sacred and historical moment.

In Divine fellowship,

Regiena Heringa


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