Regiena Heringa - October 2021: Playing with Frequency (The Sunrise)

Hello to the Family of Light!

We live in a vibratory world; everything we see, touch, hear, smell, taste, feel and think is vibration that affects other vibration. The lower the frequency the heavier the expression, the higher the frequency the lighter the expression.

When we are inwardly quiet and we view a scene of beauty, a sunrise, for example, we absorb its frequency. The more we clear our minds and open our hearts, the easier we absorb these higher, refined frequencies of peace, love and harmony that the beauty of the sunrise offers. For that instant we actually become a higher frequency.

The most exquisite frequency that we hold is this perfect, sacred Love that lives and vibrates in our soul. It also resonates constantly in our minds and bodies. We need only to become conscious of it. When we allow the awareness of the beauty of the sunrise to enter our minds and bodies, we intentionally nourish this feeling of Love and change the vibration within ourselves and in the world around us. Here we are complete and whole in the highest possible frequency—Love. We become the sacred resonance of our souls and we radiate to the outside world this inner, perfect vibration.

In absorbing the essence of the sunrise, we amplify within ourselves the exquisite resonance of the beauty we see, receive and feel. In raising our inner frequency we also positively affect the actual sunrise. We elevate the physical structure of the sunrise by sending out our joy of its beauty, peace, love and harmony. In return the sunrise, too, lifts us up to a more refined vibration.

Through Love, all life in our vibrational world is transformed, refined and elevated.

Let’s play. Imagine a yellow ball floating in the air before you. Now, with your imagination change the colour of the ball to another colour that pleases you. Feel your delight in this change and notice a change in the vibration within you. Because you are delighted, you have elevated the frequency of your heart, mind and body. You have entered a lovely vibration of delight.

Our earth and our world are moving to a more refined frequency and we are invited to come along. Would you like to? Will you do so?

If the answer is “yes!” we are asked to choose frequencies that match this new, emerging world. How do we do this? By ensuring that the content of our thoughts, the quality of our feelings and the oneness of our hearts vibrate to the exquisite frequency of Infinite, Divine Love.

In Divine fellowship,

Regiena Heringa


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