Regiena Heringa - September 2021: The Universal Citizen

Hello to the Family of Light!

When you carefully draw a circle with your pencil, you do not see the beginning or the end of this form. When you breathe, your air is not restricted to a specific town or country or nation. The thoughts we create are not bound by space or time. The love that we are and send forth moves freely outwards and inwards.

The essence of life—this divine life force—has no boundary for it vibrates and resonates in all matter, be it in the star that warms our planet or in the antenna of a butterfly.

Once we realize the nature of this sacred life force, we awaken to a new world, a larger universe, a finer dimension all pulsating this identical life force found in every particle of creation, big and small, visible and invisible. We then comprehend that we are all built of the same “divine stuff.” We realize that the light within us that makes our cells vibrate is identical to the light found within the members our family, our friends, neighbours and strangers. We know that planetary systems, galactic worlds and multiple dimensions vibrate in this same light. Thoughts of love and compassion and acts of kindness in any and all worlds hold the same vibration.

As we move towards a higher awareness of life, we are asked by our star friends to become universal citizens. We are asked to join with other star nations to help lift up our world and to smooth it out through love, understanding, learning and service.

In order to do this, we are asked to consider the following questions: How well do we use our free will? Do our thoughts and actions reflect our inner divinity? Do we treat others as we would treat ourselves? Do we use our gifts and talents to help others? Do we spend time in the silence to receive and to absorb the magnificent outpourings of spiritual energy that are being sent to help us? Are we ready to build a society based on compassion, understanding and encouragement? Are we ready to happily share ideas and knowledge, be they scientific or other, for the benefit of all?

These questions can help set guidelines to assist us in creating, for our new world now emerging, a balanced foundation between the spiritual and the scientific. Our star friends have established their societies in this manner and encourage us to do the same.

Imagine for a moment that you are standing in the midst of hundreds of beautiful wildflowers of exquisite frequency. What will you do here? Will you pick these flowers or photograph them or remember them or take in their essence and become a part of their elegant vibration? The choice is yours.

The time has come for us to awaken to and live in a higher vibration. We are asked as Planet Earth citizens to live consciously in Love and to accept, if we so wish, the overarching identity of the Universal Citizen that is presently being offered to us by our star friends. Here we can enjoy a gracious partnership with the many advanced civilizations who are very much aware of us and who wish only to encourage our balanced development of spirit, heart, mind and society.

In Divine fellowship,

Regiena Heringa


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