Regiena Heringa - July 2021: Appreciation

Hello to the Family of Light!

Let’s take a moment to appreciate who we are, our gifts, our dedication to the spiritual path and our genuine desire to help others. In order to do this, I suggest a small exercise.

Close your eyes and relax the mind. Open the heart. Feel peace, gratitude and freedom. You naturally flow into a feeling that you are a more expansive being than your narrow, physical identity. As your awareness is heightened it is also widened. You sense joy and well-being. You create here an environment for receiving higher, finer energies.

Now begin to feel deeply that you are a wonderful person: truthful, genuine, compassionate, patient and loving. If you sense a resistance to these feelings, let them go. Surrender to these marvellous qualities of your soul because they all express Love. Sit for a while and simply revel in these feelings of the marvellous being that you are; let them flood in and through you. Gradually, you feel increased peace and love for yourself and for the Creator and all Creation.

Now, become aware of your gifts—your talents—and how happily you have used them in your life up to now. Sense a lovely blend of appreciation between who you are as a sacred being and how wonderfully you help the world. With your heart and mind expanded, you are now inside your very soul and ready to receive counsel. Allow ideas to come through the intuition of your soul. Perhaps there will be a feeling of encouragement to further develop your gifts or to further deepen your love towards yourself and the world.

Throughout this process, remain in this quiet and expansive state of peace, joy and love. If thoughts come to restrict you, let them go and place your attention back on your soul. This focus will increase the appreciation that you have for yourself, for who you are, what you do and where you are going. You might notice a link here between the divine Love that you are consciously increasing and the frequency of the energy inside you.

Through the recognition and appreciation of ourselves as sacred beings, our service to the world is filled with this finer, higher vibration that permeates every mind and heart and lifts up our world physically, mentally and spiritually.

The wider the flower opens its petals the more it absorbs the sunlight.

In Divine fellowship,

Regiena Heringa


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