Regiena Heringa - June 2021: Shaking Hands with the Invisible

Hello to the Family of Light!

If you move your hand in air, what do you observe? You feel your fingers displacing the air where there are no objects impeding your movement. Yet, in the air around you there are atoms, molecules and natural forces invisible to the human eye. With heightened awareness you may even sense in this air the energy patterns created by the thoughts and emotions of others.

If you were to increase your own vibration, you would observe that in the air around you lie other dimensions and worlds. And perhaps your hand, as it waves about in the air, is actually touching another hand, invisible to your human eye but visible to another being in another world!

Physical worlds are vibrational. The higher the frequency, the finer the dimension. When we realize that the purpose of life is to advance to greater levels of understanding, we move towards refined vibrational patterns. Sometimes we stay in these elevated patterns to enjoy them and sometimes we let them go.

How we can enjoy these elegant worlds which we cannot always perceive with our eyes? By cultivating trust.

Today upon our planet there is an increased outpouring of exceptional spiritual light which is shining even in the darkest corners of the human heart. This is a great Light, infinite and eternal, that many people on Earth are beginning to recognize. They realize that this spiritual opening is their future, their destiny. As they allow greater radiance to flow through them they choose, with their free will, to make this great Light their foundation for trust.

Inwardly we know that all things are constructed from this Light which remains untouched by a world in chaos. We know that other worlds and dimensions are also constructed from this spiritual Light because, first and foremost, creation is spiritual in nature.

The deeper we ground our lives in Light (hence, in Love), the more we are aware of the wondrous coming together of ourselves and those of higher dimensions. Even in the present turbulence, we are ever reminded that this tremendous spiritual outpouring that lights up every willing heart on our planet is intensifying. It is calling us home.

We are asked to cultivate loving trust as we focus our attention on our spiritual growth and act with integrity, compassion and patience. In this way we can enjoy minds and hearts as they open and illuminate. We can enjoy the gifts of others in our world and encourage humankind to move into greater unfoldment.

We are all playing, learning and growing in the same “spotlight” of the Divine Source. The more we love, the deeper our trust and the shinier our souls and hearts. Then one day we will lovingly shake hands with the invisible!

In Divine fellowship,

Regiena Heringa


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