Regiena Heringa - May 2021: Developing a Friendship with our Star Friends - Part Two: Contact

Hello to the Family of Light!

How can we make contact with our star friends?

Think of how you feel when you see a freshly opened flower, or the gracious smile of a stranger, or experience the warmth of encouragement of a dear friend. These are expressions of beauty, of compassion, of Love.

The perfect vibration in the cosmos is Love. All physical manifestation, no matter the dimension or world, originates in Love, in thought and in Light. When you uplift your mind, you expand your heart and you are saying our star friends, “I am here.”

Your loving thoughts and your noble intentions ripple out into the universe like calm water which ripples outwards when you touch it with your finger. These same thoughts and intentions also transform your energy fields and allow them to radiate resplendent colours similar to the aurora borealis. Through your virtuous movements of mind, heart and intention you establish exquisite patterns of individuality that attract the attention of our extraterrestrial friends.

The next step is to cultivate expanded consciousness.

Imagine that you are sitting comfortably on a large rock in the middle of a lake. You look down and observe the colour and form of this rock. From there you look into the clear water and see plants and fish. This is your first, most immediate environment. Now look further to the shoreline. Can you see the grass, the sand, trees and possibly other rocks? Look up and observe the sky. What colour is it? Are there clouds? These observations make up your secondary environment.

Now, continue sitting on the rock, and begin to sense these two environments only through your awareness. Let go of linear thought and become conscious of the inner composition of the rock you are sitting on and your surroundings. Feel the energy, the alertness, the living particles of this environment. Then link what you sense outside of yourself to what you sense inside of yourself. Gradually you understand, through this heightened awareness, that you are connected to all living matter everywhere, whether that matter is inside of yourself or outside of yourself. There is no division. Everything and everyone vibrates to a great sacred Whole. Here you experience expanded consciousness which prepares you for contact with our star friends.

Each time we choose loving thoughts, we access higher vibratory worlds and create opportunities to open up to contact with residents of other worlds and dimensions.

Our star friends are not magicians. They have evolved just as we are evolving to finer ways of being and thinking.

Through the expansion of our hearts and minds, we create lives of grace and gratitude and help others just as our extraterrestrial friends are helping us. As our world transforms into a higher way of being, we are invited to work more and more in partnership with those of other planets, worlds and dimensions.

Our star friends remind us that all life unfolds from one Source— the Divine Spirit— found in the smallest particle of vibrating matter, from Planet Earth to the vast, eternal and infinite cosmos. This is called sacred unity.

In Divine fellowship,

Regiena Heringa


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