Regiena Heringa - February 2021: The Equilateral Triangle

Hello to the Family of Light!

Let’s play.

Imagine in the air in front of you an equilateral triangle that is drawn by a line of light. Feel balance. Sense that all is planned: no surprises, or interference or improvisation. Now imagine the interior of this same triangle filled with light. What happens? Your mind says, “That’s fine. I can handle this because the triangle is still recognizable. It’s just filled in with light.”

To your perception, the light within this closed geometric form is contained. But is it? Is the light that fills the triangle flat? Doesn’t light have dimensions? Is it not all-pervasive? In addressing these questions, your mind says, “Perhaps, but I can’t handle this. This is too confusing, it doesn’t fit into my perception of reality.” Yet, in this game you realize that you have a flat equilateral triangle filled with a multidimensional interior: light.

Why is this important?

The image reminds us of our lives. There are parts that you can predict with a certain accuracy especially those segments which are repetitive, routine and well-known. There are also important elements in our every day lives and in our world that are unpredictable, that move in and out of our daily routine. There is restriction and there is liberty.

Do not let your heart remain in a confined place. Love, like light, does not recognize the boundary of a closed geometric form. It is omnipresent; it is free just as the light that fills, floods and surpasses the confinement of the triangle.

Your thoughts are multidimensional, slipping in and out of this reality which is familiar to us. The very act of thinking has no boundary, for thought is energy. Indeed, thought can be directed to a situation, to a person, to yourself, but it doesn’t end there. It continues on forever. We are asked to become accustomed to the idea of eternity and infinity, that there is no beginning or end to life.

Life force is fluid and intermingles. You step outside of your home and touch the tree that is standing in front of it. You say, “This tree is mine.” But this is not so. We are not owners; we are caretakers.

We do not own the light in our bodies, because light is not personal. It is universal, cosmic and falls far beyond our greatest understanding. We are custodians of this light. When we move from the idea of owner to caretaker, our consciousness is freed up, it is elevated. We then begin to comprehend that our lives are deeply connected to each other and to all life not only in this world but in other worlds and dimensions.

The equilateral triangle is a familiar form. Let us first feel comfortable with what we know and then plunge through the form into this great light which fills and surpasses the triangle. This is how we expand our understanding and amplify our love and compassion. We become gentle caretakers of each other and our world breathes in harmony and peace.

In Divine fellowship,

Regiena Heringa


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