Regiena Heringa - January 2021: Coming Together

Hello to the Family of Light!

If you look closely at the material world you see the coming together of thought, ideas, hands and hearts. This joining is a natural movement because all in the physical world has its origin in one point of light. This point of light is without beginning or end; it is infinite and eternal.

The physical world spins and spirals from a vortex that originates in this sacred point of light. No matter how intense vortices may be, such as those observed in black holes or white holes in space, the very centre of all movement, whether going inside or going outside is still reduced to this point of light—the divine origin of physical creation.

Your world is coming together, even though you might think that it is falling apart. There is a spiritual gravitational force within all living matter that nourishes, encourages and helps humankind to return to its essence. And all this can be accomplished through the loving use of free will.

Look about you and observe the coming together of hearts, of minds and of caring intention. Notice how the waves on a lake fall with each other as they touch the shore. Notice how the loving thoughts you radiate, ripple outwards to touch the loving radiance of others, mingle and fuse. Notice, as you expand your minds, how the frequencies of harmony, peace and wonderment increase inside and outside of yourself. Notice the lovely blending of higher thought and deeper love within yourselves and how you attract and how you are attracted to beings and minds of light that are uniting to restructure our world, directing us to an elegant foundation of this new emerging world.

Imagine that you hold an apple in your hand. Think of it as a perfect sphere of light. Will you ingest this “apple of light?” Will you give it to someone? Will you throw it away? In pondering these questions, you realize that you already have this luminous apple within you. There is no need to consume it. Realizing this, you understand that you can give this light to others simply by radiating the inner truth that you have come together with your divine Self. You are now coherent and this coherence forms the foundation of a new and refreshing world as it lifts life outwards and upwards.

In Divine Friendship,

Regiena Heringa


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